Anemia and Colon Cancer – Recognize the Signs

Colon cancer is a serious health problem in this country. Unfortunately there may not be many obvious signs until the disease has progressed. However anemia and colon cancer are often closely linked so here is some important information to keep in mind concerning this.

If a person develops this cancer, it usually begins as a polyp which turns cancerous and then begins to grow. As it enlarges, it begins to block the colon and makes it much more difficult to produce full sized bowel movements.

A very common symptom is anemia or low red blood cell count. Keep in mind that anemia can occur for a wide variety of reasons so if you do become anemic, don’t immediately jump to the conclusion that you have developed it. Medical research has suggested that for patients with anemia, it is important to look at their ferritin levels as this may be associated with a higher incidence of colon cancer.

However it is an important warning sign and you should immediately seek medical attention to help determine the cause. As said, this anemia can be caused by many factors but your medical professional can run tests to determine the cause and initiate the best treatments to treat this problem.

If your Doctor suspects colon cancer, he will most likely perform a sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy. For this test, the Doctor can examine the inside of the colon and detect and remove polyps. If he finds something more serious, then further treatment will be initiated.