Ancient Yogic Recipe – Nerve Tonic Promotes Calmness and Clarity

Performing yoga asanas and practicing meditation are not easy undertakings. They require focus, concentration and strength of purpose. Everyday events take their toll on us physically and mentally. Often we find ourselves at the end of the day frazzled, exhausted and feeling like a nervous wreck. This can keep us from practicing our yoga routines even when we know we should and even when we want to.

Millennia ago, India developed a system of medicine know as Ayurveda. A large part of Ayurvedic teaching consists of using foods as remedies for health problems. Ancient yogis taught these dietary remedies to their yoga students to help strengthen them for the rigors of yoga practice.

One vital requisite of successful yoga practice is control of the motor nerves and sensory nerves. When we get stressed by our hectic environments our nervous control can fly out the window, making hatha asanas and meditation almost impossible. But thankfully, those ancient yogis left us a little recipe to counteract all that stress and heal our jangled nerves.

A lot of modern urbanites unwind after work with an alcoholic beverage. Health-minded yogis do not have that option so I give you an even better one: lemonade. Not lemonade the way Grandma made it – very tart and very sweet – but a mellower and medicinal version that will not give you a sugar rush followed by a hypoglycemic crash. Here's the recipe.

Take a large glass of cool, filtrated drinking water. Instead of using lemon add the juice of one-half of a lime (or one entity key lime). Add sugar, about one-half teaspoon to one teaspoon. The trick is to get a balance between sweet and sour so that regardless taste overpowers the other. The resulting lime drink will be very mild in flavor. It should not be overwhelmingly strong like traditional lemonade. Add crushed ice. Drink, enjoy and feel your nerves start to unwind. It is most effective when taken on an empty stomach so that its properties can be quickly absorbed through the stomach lining.

This has been and continues to be one of the favorite drinks of yogis in India. It has a proven effect on nerve tissue, enabling it to heal by repairing itself. This drink has a definite spiritual vibration. You will notice a markedly soothing, calming effect after drinking it and continued daily consumption will go far in undoing the damage wrought on our nerves by the impact of daily life.