Ancient Visitors

I go through life with an open mind about everything. There are very few things that I can say 100% that I do not believe in because in my eyes, anything could be possible given the knowledge of its process. I’m sure that hundreds of years ago the thought of having light at the flick of a switch without a flame would have been an impossible thought. The idea of watching a box with a glass front that shows pictures and sound would have been a marvel, yet here we are with it all around us taking everything for granted without giving it a seconds thought.

What if we wanted to think bigger? What if we look to the skies for inspiration on this thought? More specifically out in to space. How could those reported flying discs have made it all the way to our planet? What are they doing here and how did they get here? The theory is that nothing can travel faster than light so disregarding any wormhole theories or the bending of space itself then we have a bit of a pickle.

I watched a program on the TV the other day called Ancient Aliens. A lot of it seemed like ‘episode fillers’ in my opinion but there are a few things that stick in my mind. Particularly the ancient depictions and drawings of the visitors from out of space. They seem incredibly human like in most cases, but what if they were human? How could that be possible? Well here is a curved ball I will throw out there. Given my initial thought that anything could be possible with the right knowledge, who is to say that those ancient visitors and the discs that some people claim to see flying around the world are not humans from the future? What if somewhere in the distant future some clever scientists put their minds together and devised a way to travel back in time? We would not be able to see much evidence of this because no doubt it would be heavily policed. As with any society though there are always law breakers, maybe somewhere, someone decided to go back in time and help the civilizations of the past. It would certainly give an explanation as to how certain things were built or created that seem far too advanced for its time and in some cases too advance for us.

Is it possible that the pictures and carvings we see of the people of the skies are actually humans from the future? Well all I can say is it’s certainly not impossible!