Anatomy of Rectus Abdominis (What Is Abs Muscle)

People spend a lot of time in the gym working their bodies out just to achieve that perfect washboard abs. But do they really know what the abdomen is?

The rectus abdominis

The Rectus abdominis or the abdominal muscles are the two pairs of muscles that line the frontal wall of the abdomen. These muscles are separated in the middle by a lone of tissue called linea alba which starts from the pubic bone up to the lower rib cage cartilage.

These abdominal muscles are contained in what is called the rectus sheath, which are layers of tendons, which serve as a protection. This rectus is divided horizontally by three fibrous bands called the tendinous inscriptions that are placed by the fifth, sixth and the seventh rib.

These bands are responsible for the “six-pack” shape of perfect abs. However, there are rare cases when the person has four tendinous inscriptions. In this case, he or she develops the “eight-pack” instead of the six. And there are also extreme conditions where in it creates the “ten-pack” shape.

Why is it important?

The perfect abs is more than just for show off as it is an important muscle because it serves as a protection for the internal organs located by the abdominal region. A strong rectus abdominis prevents the development of hernia, a condition where in the abdominal wall weakens causing the organs to protrude due to lack of support. It also keeps the organs intact in cases when you do heavy lifting, childbirth, and even defecation.

Your perfect abs also helps in maintaining a proper upright posture. It supports your upper torso from bending or toppling forward. It is also responsible for the flex in your spine as it happens every time you do the crunches or the contraction of your abdomen. It also allows you to tilt you pelvis forward to straighten your back.

Likewise, the rectus abdominis is responsible for your proper breathing. It helps stabilize the respiration process in times that you feel some difficulty in breathing.

How to keep it fit and firm?

Getting perfect abs is not easy. You will need a whole lot of patience for you will not gain it overnight. There are specialized programs that target the abdominal area that are easy to follow and can be included in your daily routine such as bicycle exercises, crunches and knee ups.

However, you must remember that fat in this area the most difficult to burn so you have to do cardiovascular training too in order to shed that fat. It will be good to have a great diet program as well. This ensures that you regulate your food intake so you can count up the calories that you need to burn.

In some cases, however, people choose to go under the knife in order to get perfect abs. There are procedures such as liposuction and abdominal sculpting that cosmetic clinics offer. But you have to remember that the natural way is always the best way to keep your abs in shape.

So with the above in mind you now have a clear picture of what a fit and strong ab could do to benefit your lifestyle, should there be a reason to or time to get lean ripped abs, this would utterly be the best time.