Analysis Paralysis – The Mindset

So you are probably reaching the point in your business where you're still wanting to learn all you can get your hands on, but not sure how to transfer this information into progress. So instead of taking a chance you tell yourself that you'll just listen to one more training call, or finish one more training module. In other words you have analysis paralysis.

A procrastination method that can collectively be blamed on the overload of information that is wildly available on the Internet on virtually any subject. So when sifting through all the information available think "Do I really need to know this right now?" "Will this have a direct and instant impact?" If you answer no or not yet, make a mental note or bookmark it and comeback later when it will be more useful to you.

Analysis paralysis can also happen when you start to hit the wall. You may start to get frustrated with the amount of work you have put into your business and have yet to reap the benefits. You may think the answer is to keep adding to your knowledge database. Sometimes this may work and trigger an unknown fact or marketing method, but most time this just ends as another method of procrastination.

In order to overview this analysis you need to ask yourself "How much do I really want this?" If you are ready to take the leap into a successful business than you need to fink a way to break through the wall. You will never be successful if you do not try.