Analysis Paralysis in Business

Imagine what life would be like if some of history's greatest scientists and inventors had merely been tinkerers instead. Alexander Graham Bell's telephone would be a dusty relic on a shelf somewhere. Thomas Edison's light bulb would be forever dark. And Werner von Braun's rockets would be sitting in a box in somebody's basement. Sure, someone else would've come along and invented these things-and capitalized on them. But Bell, Edison and von Braun would not be household names, and the financial legacies that these guys left would not be legacies either.

These men were scientists, inventors and innovators. Not every scientist is an inventor, or an innovator, however. Academia is filled with lab dwellers that conduct research which never gets any farther than their notebooks. Where some scientists are dedicated to creating a better world through research, others use research to simply stay busy. The get bogged down in analysis paralysis and wind up making excuses about the validity of their data. Then they collect their paycheck, go home, and come back tomorrow to do it all over again.

Business people do this too, however. They start doing research for something they're thinking about trying, but the process drags on. Analysis paralysis sets in and they simply can not make a decision to proceed. So they continue to do more research believing that at least they are doing something to further their goals. The reality of it is of course that they're not. Research becomes the end, instead of a means to an end.

This frequently happens to the wannabe entrepreneur who is thinking about starting a work from home internet business. Online business opportunities are hot today. But while everybody starts by doing research about them, only a few actually take action. Those are the real entrepreneurs. The other folks get bogged down in-you guessed it-analysis paralysis, and never take any action whatsoever. The research piles up, but nothing ever changes. And nothing ever improves.

If you're thinking about becoming an online entrepreneur, yes, do your research. Find a system that's right for you. But do not stop there. If you really want to implement change, you have to take decisive action too. Remember, actions speak louder than research, particularly research you do not get paid for. Sometimes moving forward requires a leap of faith. Sometimes it means stopping down the self doubt that crops up in everybody's life from time to time. If you know you have a problem that needs to be solved in your life, do not rationalize and self-justify. Act.