Analysis Of Paralysis


Overcoming paralysis will forever change the way we think and the way we live.

The neurological signals may fade in and out and cause various degrees of weakness leading to paralysis; however, strength, in many cases, may be restored. Nerves can be regenerated. Regrowth and strength may return to certain paralyzed regions. This encouraging analysis of paralysis shows that tomorrow can be better than today.

Paralysis is of the body but the body is not alone. There's mental paralysis, physical paralysis, financial paralysis, business paralysis, spiritual paralysis and the list goes on. We have all experienced paralysis of a roadblock of some kind that did not allow us to move forward like we wanted to.

We are all in some state of paralysis and may not even know it. Paralysis slips upon a person slowly unless he or she is involved in a traumatic event. The word paralysis literally means to be disabled at the side. Communication is disrupted by pain or something else that weakens or severs the command that the brain is sends to the limb or other motor functions of the body, even a smile.

Damage along any point of the command route reduces the brain's ability to control muscle movement. The reduced efficiency causes weakness or complete paralysis. Complete loss of communication prevents all forward movement.

The nerve damage causes paralysis may be anywhere along the command route from the brain through the central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, to the region that has become immovable.

Injury and stroke are the main causes for sudden paralysis. Spreading inflammation leads to degenerative tissue and further paralysis. Signs of approaching paralysis may manifest in numbness, tingling, pain, changes in vision, difficulties with speech, or problems with balance.

Three ingredients to overcome paralysis is will, strength, and communication. Your will, your determination, your designed destiny, gives you hope. Strength is what enables us to go on. And, communication is key to make everything else work. Strength comes from outside our bodies. There is a Scripture that says, "The joy of the Lord is our strength."

These three: will, strength, and communication are factors in the future of any sustainable, affordable, vibrant healthcare system for you, your family, and our nation. Vital are the will to move, the strength to move, and the communication that relays proper instruction to move. Will is the desire; strength is available; and communication and interpretation can always be improved. As the communication connections are fully functional, your will is aligned and your strength will grow.

Good nutrition is vital and a part of that nutrition is Smart Sugars that cause glycosylation of sugars on the surface of the cells of your body that provide proper communication that may just overcome paralysis so you can move forward. It has worked for others.

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