Anal Yeast Infection is a Menace

Anal yeast infection is quite a possibility. The way this infection affects the mouth and vagina, it can also attack the rectum of a person. The reason is obvious that our digestive system starts from our mouth and ends in the rectum.

Candida Albicans is the same bacterium that causes yeast infection in other parts of the body. This bacterium is generally present in our body and is harmless. However due to a sudden a growth due to various reasons it causes an infection. The main reason behind this growth is metabolic disorder.

The symptoms of this menace are same as usual. Burning, irritation and soreness of the affected are the common symptoms and this anal yeast infection is no exception to this. Although it is recommended that you go and visit a doctor as soon as you get to understand it. That might not be financially available to you today.

Yet some people are shy and get embarrassed to visit a doctor and discuss about this. For them it is advisable to fall back on grandma’s home remedies. For example you can use boric acid on the affected areas by making a paste with elm powder and water. Just remember not to apply it on a cut or an open wound. Keep it away from pregnant women. Its side effects include burning and itchiness in addition.

Anal yeast and yeast type infections are a menace and can be treated by the help of tea tree oil. It can be applied on the affected area and it can be used to protect against anal yeast spores that are part of the infection. Tea tree is an antibacterial which is very helpful in curing this menace.

You can also use yoghurt for anal yeast infection. You must now recall that your grandma used to say that yoghurt is the best natural medicine. It has a cooling effect on the burning sensation of the infection like aloe vera. Aloe vera on the other hand can be kept in the refrigerator in a cotton pads or tissues and can be dabbed on the infected region. These home remedies come in handy as they are easily available and less expensive.

Anal yeast infection is extremely disturbing and painful. You can try a few of these home remedies at your convenience. But remember one thing for sure even after using these remedies if the infection still persists then go ahead and visit a doctor immediately without further delay.