An Introduction to Indian Sweet Kaju Katli

This article will introduce you to one of the most loved Indian sweets; it’s called kaju katli. Kaju katli has cashew nut as its primary ingredient. Here, we will be discussing how this special item is made and the kind of health benefits it offers. For people interested in buying this item, we will also provide information about the best ways of buying it.

We will begin by introducing you to the primary ingredients used for making kaju katli. As mentioned above, the main ingredient required for making these sweets is cashew nuts. With it, confectioners use a range of other ingredients like clarified butter or ghee, sugar, condensed milk, milk and flavoring agents of different types. While some katlis contain saffron or rose-water as their flavoring agents, stores also sell simpler ones flavored with cardamom. These days, confectioners have also started selling kaju katlis boasting exotic flavors like strawberry, chocolate, mango etc.

It’s true that these sweets are extremely tasty and their taste can easily be the only reason of consuming them; however, they also offer certain health benefits. This is because cashew nuts, the main ingredient used for preparing them, are good for our health in many ways.

Cashews are rich sources of magnesium and calcium; these are minerals known for promoting bone health. So, having a piece of kaju katli every day other than pampering your taste buds will also make your bones stronger.

The next most prominent health benefit of cashews is their ability of making nerves healthy. These nuts help in increasing the level of magnesium in our bones and thereby successfully stop calcium from entering our blood vessels. This in turn prevents health issues such as migraine, high blood pressure etc.

Daily intake of cashews has been found to decrease one’s chances of developing gallstone by as much as 25%. These nuts are also known for their ability of promoting proper digestion. They also possess the ability to induce nucleic acid synthesis. Men and women looking to increase the strength of their hair and experience hair growth can also have a kaju katli every day.

Today, the best way of buying kaju katli is by placing an order online. The majority of the top Indian confectioners have started making their creations available through online stores. What’s more, a large share of these stores also ship sweets to foreign lands. This means, you can get these sweets delivered right at your doorsteps irrespective of your location.