An Example of Healing with HealerGeorge

Healing through a visualization meditation and hands-on-healing; A visual experience to understand the roll of the energy body, the aura, to help bring balance and healing to the physical body.

A young couple visited my Healing Center. The young man, Neil, was suffering from Hepatitis C, leaving him with a failing liver. The doctors only cave him six months to live. When the couple arrived Neil was looking stoney faced, as though he was carrying all the problems of his life and the world on his shoulders.

I thought the best way to proceed was to try to relieve some of the tension first before administrating him healing. I suggested that we do a visualization meditation, balancing his aura energy that surrounds the physical body.

We began the meditation and, as I usually do, I started by taking the attention inward. First by becoming aware of the feet on the ground, checking for tension in the muscles, then working through the rest of the body relieving tension and relaxing the muscles. I then made the couple aware of their breathing by noticing the life energy coming in with each inbreath and the stale energy leaving the body with each outbreath.

By this time the silence had descended on the room, leaving it filled with love and light. I brought their attention to this silence and described some of its magnetic qualities. I got them to try to find the boundaries of this silence. Was it only inside the body or did it extend beyond? I invited them to notice that despite this silence is silent, it seems to have liveliness to it, a kind of grain. We played about with this love and light that we all felt deep within our hearts. I then took their attention back to their feet and started to grow roots out of their feet to connect their energy field to the center of the earth. I opened each of the energy centers in the body – the seven chakras – washing the aura despite each colored light in turn.

By this time the energies were really starting to develop. I continued to describe my understanding of how the body worked. I got them to visualize the forever-magical life process. An egg or cell in the mother's womb being fertilized; The egg dividing again and again, producing many cells from within itself. As the number of cells increases, seeing them start to specialize in all the various components of the body. Some form the skin, some the bone, some the organs of the body. I then drew an analogy between a piece of paper with iron filings on it and the cells in the body. The iron filings are all random until a magnet is bought underneath. Then the life force of the magnet holds all the iron filings in place in a balanced and harmonious way. In the same way the life force in that growing baby holds and co-ordinates all the cells to grow in a balanced and harmonious way.

It is only the stress of living life that upsets the natural balance of the human system. In the case of Neil he seemed to be carrying more than his fair share of life's burdens with him. So I got him to forgive all those people that had wronged him in his life. I got him also to forgive himself for all the people he had wronged, and asked him to visualize all that stale energy leaving him, returning to the roots deep within the earth. Again we washed the aura with the light from the chakras, visualizing each energy body being repaired. In this visualization we also included his rents and tears; This light was mending all his wounds. The energy bodies being left in perfect balance and perfect harmony one inside the other. In this way forming the energy field that holds every cell in the body in perfect harmony and perfect balance, performing its natural duty in an effortless, natural way.

But the real magic of this visualization meditation came when I started to focus in on his physical problem of the liver.

As soon as I mentioned the word 'liver' there was such a presence in the room. Every cell of my body started to tingle and I felt that we had some very powerful healing helper come in from the spirit world to help in this process of healing Neil's liver. We started the healing in the meditation by thanking all the cells in Neil's body for all the hard work they had done over the years in keeping the body going and maintaining the peace and harmony that exists within him.

We focused down on the liver itself and thanked all the healthy cells for all the extra hard work they were doing to keep the liver functioning. You could almost hear the waves of appreciation received back from them for this loving thought. With the energy field repaired and the help of all the healthy cells in Neil's liver, I then asked for all the cells that were not healthy to leave and be replaced with healthy normal ones. I asked for some of the cells to be sent out as scouts to try to find spare material in the body to carry out the repairs needed.

I then started to close the chakras and continue balancing the energy fields in the body. I slowly got the couple to be aware of their surroundings again and gradually became fully conscious of their physical body and their surroundings. We then went on to do the physical hands-on healing and channel the universal energy in the normal way.