An Anxiety Cure That Works

People can suffer from anxiety due to different reasons. It usually comes in the form of an attack which strikes without warning. The person undergoes a period of intense fear and emotional and physical stress during that time. Most people become worried about repeated attacks and try to avoid any possible situation which might aggravate it. They do not seek help and continue to suffer from anxiety.

But, many anxiety cures are available for the help of those suffering from anxiety. These methods include medication, therapy or a combination of the two. Medication as an anxiety cure is only prescribed when the person suffers from a severe case of anxiety attacks. The medicines are mostly antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs. They help the patient to control their anxiety and stay calm.

But there are side effects to the medicines. Instead of curing anxiety, these medicines can sometimes increase the frequency and strength of the anxiety attacks. The patient continues to take larger doses in the hopes of relief and in the end become addicted to the medicines. When they stop taking them, they go into withdrawal mode which can again increase their anxiety levels.

This is why many people are opting to follow other methods which work the same and are not harmful. These methods might take a longer time to show results, but they do help the person in successfully treating their anxiety.

The most effective anxiety cure is the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Therapists advise person having anxiety attacks about the reason behind their attacks and how to fight against it. When the person is clear about the causes of their anxiety, they can take further steps to cure it.

Most patients experience fear at the very thought of having an anxiety attack and this in turn increases their chances of suffering an attack. They fear that they are having a heart attack and are about to die or that maybe they are going crazy. Anxiety increases fear which in turn again increases the anxiety. This circle needs to be broken for the person to get relief and therapy helps him or her to win over his or her fear.

Meditation or deep-breathing exercises are also anxiety cures. It helps the person remain calm during an attack by making them pay attention to something else. Breathing regularly also prevents them from hyperventilating.

People should look for an anxiety cure that suits them the most. Chances are that they will get relief from it and be able to lead normal lives.