Amoxicillin / Pot Clavulanate (Generic Augmentin)

How does Augmentin work?
The effect of Augmentin, which works by stopping bacteria from forming cell walls, has been approved by the FDA. The Amoxicillin in Augmentin cuts off the bonds that keep bacterial cell walls together and thereby kills the bacteria. The clavulanate potassium on the other hand is a beta-lactase inhibitor that works to restrict certain bacteria from developing immunity against amoxicillin. In combination, these two drugs provide protection against the widest possible range of bacterial infections.

Side Effects of Augmentin
You might experience both mild and severe Augmentin side effects depending on the dosage prescribed to you by your doctor. If your symptoms feel dangerous and include bloody diarrhoea, pale or yellowed skin, confusion, easy bruising, skin rash, confusion, fever, sore throat and severe blistering of the skin, contact your doctor immediately and get alternatives prescribed. However, milder Augmentin side effects such as nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, skin rash, and vaginal infection just require an adjustment of the dose.

Augmentin can be safely prescribed to adults, children as well as pregnant women as there are no known Augmentin side effects during pregnancy. As with most other prescription medications, alcohol consumption is not advisable while Augmentin treatment is on as alcohol can cause Augmentin side effect symptoms to worsen or interfere with the drug’s working.

Guidelines before Taking
You should ideally take your Augmentin dosage just before your meals as this would reduce possible Augmentin side effects in your stomach. Do not stop taking this medication midway through the regimen even if you feel your infection is cured. It might be temporary relief and the infection can rebound.

What are the common dosages of Augmentin?
Augmentin dosages are generally available in two strengths wherein the amount of clavulanate potassium remains constant at 125mg while amoxicillin concentration is either 250mg or 500mg. Your doctor will decide which dosage is ideal for you depending on his diagnosis of your condition and severity of infection.

Difference between Augmentin and Generic Amoxicillin / Pot Clavulanate
GSK is the company that has created the brand Augmentin and received FDA approval for it. Generic Amoxicillin / Pot Clavulanate on the other hand does not carry any brand name and can be manufactured by anyone, though Cipla is a one of the biggest known manufacturers. While the tablet shape, size and colour of branded Augmentin are standardised, you can find and buy generic Amoxicillin / Pot Clavulanate drugs in many different forms. Similarly pricing conventions also apply only to the branded version and not the generic ones.