Alternative Treatments For Acidity

Almost every one of us had suffered from hyperacidity in the past. Acidity is caused by the excess secretion of acid in the stomach and intestines. Normal secretion of acid is required for the digestion of the food in the stomach but when it is increased due to certain reasons, it results in acidity.

If you take food containing fewer amounts of fibers or very spicy food, it can cause acidity. In addition, if you are habitual of smoking and taking large quantities of alcohol, your stomach lining gets damaged resulting in acidity. Stress and anxiety are also culprits for acidity.

Do you know that alternative treatments can be very beneficial in treating acidity? Alternative treatments include homoeopathy, ayurvedic, herbal and natural remedies, naturopathy and yoga and not to miss general home remedies.

Homoeopathy can help you in treating your acidity and any stress or anxiety along with it. Homoeopathy treats you as a whole curing your disease and restoring your health. The remedies include carboveg, lycopodium, nuxvomica, argentums nitricum and many more. Carbo veg is given for acidity due to spoiled or bakery foods. This spoiled or bakery foods will make you feel burning sensation in stomach and nausea with water brash. Lycopodium is given in feeling of fullness just after little food. If you are taking too much alcohol, tea or coffee with nausea and empty feeling in stomach, then nux vomica is for you.

Naturopathy can also be very useful for your hyperacidity. You can use hot compression with chamomile oil over your abdomen to get relief from pain. Chebulic myroblan (harad) and amla juice can be taken to neutralize the effect of excessive acid. You can also do some yoga to prevent acidity. Makarasana (crocodile position, Vajrasan (thunderbolt pose) and wind relieving pose can help you in improving your digestion and preventing acidity in future.

Ayurvedic medicines such as minty capsules, amla capsules and acigon can help you to combat acidity. But always take the prescribed remedies from ayurvedic doctor.

Few days back, I had severe acid which lasted for 2-3 days with no relief from medicines, so I tried few home remedies and they really helped me. You can also use some of them if you do not want to take medicines. A cup of cold milk, banana, cucumber, and water melon gives instant relief from the burning. If cumin seeds are boiled in water and taken with every meal, it will give you relief. Taking coconut water and simply chewing it relieves acidity. You should avoid onion ,adish, unripe fruits and vegetables and spicy oily food as they increase acidity.

Acidity can cause a lot of discomfort to you and if it becomes a routine, then it can be very embarrassing at times. You should always try to use natural and alternative treatments for acidity to prevent the side effects caused by taking repetitive allopathic medicines.