Alternative Medicine vs Conventional Medicine – Part 1

The term ‘alternative medicine’ that is so commonly used today is somewhat unsuitable since that would seem to indicate that it is a form of treatment departing from so-called ‘traditional’ scientific practices and is just a

possibility for a new treatment of disease. The truth is, so called ‘alternative’ medicine is the natural treatment of disease that was in effect in ancient times long before conventional medicine was ever introduced. Alternative medicine is traditional, whereas conventional

medicine is relatively new and not traditional. So conventional medicine should rightly be deemed ‘alternative.’

Upon the introduction of conventional medicine, what is

now called alternative medicine was suppressed, insomuch

that many sufferers are very distrustful of the use of

ancient treatments because they have been made to believe

that such treatments are ineffectual or even dangerous.

Yet, many ancient practices as Chinese, water treatment,

herbal remedies, massage and Ayurveda (Indian medicine

believed to be the oldest and most complete medical system)

are still being practised with great results; and, in recent

times, other systems also based upon the ancient forms of

natural healing have emerged. These include such therapies

as homeopathy, osteopathy, chiropractic, aromatherapy,

nutritional medicine, naturopathic, and many other natural

therapies that have proved to support the natural healing

function of the body with excellent results.

In spite of this, there are persons who would prefer to suffer

than give such treatments a chance. However, when all else

fail, many of those same persons are now returning to such

therapies with the hope of finding relief.

Although there are different alternative therapies with

varying beliefs and techniques, there are common principles

under which they are all operating:

1. The body can heal itself naturally and remain stable.

2. Health problems can be contributed to factors of mind,

body and emotions.

3. It is more important to get to the root cause of an

illness and treat the whole person than to concentrate upon

symptoms only.

4. A person can contribute to his own healing if he pays more

attention to his health.

5. The same method of treatment cannot be suitable for

everyone since each person is unique in his physical, mental,

and spiritual build. This is why two persons may be diagnosed

with the same disease and the same level of illness, and one

survives and the other succumbs. Your mind can work wonders.

The main difference between so-called alternative medicine

and conventional medicine is that the latter is too concerned

with treating the symptoms of disease by scientific

techniques and technology instead of treating the whole person

and the cause of disease. On the other hand, alternative

medicine puts much emphasis upon the prevention of disease

(as mentioned above), and seeks to treat the whole person so

as to strengthen the immune system to bring about a sustained


Many diseases that have been deemed “incurable” are being

healed by natural ‘alternative’ means today but, unfortunately,

they have never been heard of by countless sufferers.

I enjoy making my own natural remedies from nature’s herbs,

vitamins and nutrients. I have been doing this for years and

have always been quite healthy. You too can avoid the effects

of costly synthetic prescription drugs used as medicines. It

is up to you to stop poisoning yourself, maintain good health

and save.

This article is written for information only and is not

intended to suggest treatment of any disease. Information

contained herein is based on research I have done and just

want to share with interested persons. Anyone suffering from

a disease is advised to consult a recognized practitioner for


Part 2 to follow …