Alternative Medicine, Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers Relief

The open sores which appear in the mouth are called as mouth  ulcers . They are white or yellow in color, and are generally accompanied with a sharp pain, which is felt most when the person is eating. The pain is quite acute when salty or spicy food passes over the  ulcer . Mouth  ulcers  can occur anywhere in the mouth – on the inner surface of the cheeks, lips, tongue, palate and at the base of the gums.

Mouth  ulcers  are caused due to vitiation of the pitta dosha. The condition is called as Mukha Paaka in Sanskrit. There are several factors that can cause it. Some of them are as follows:-

1 Wrong diet

2 Digestive problems such as constipation

3 Hormonal imbalances, especially during puberty in girls

4 Anemia

5 Constant stress

6 Hereditary factors

7 Infection of the herpes simplex virus

8 Irritation by some chemicals, tobacco and alcohol

(1) Useful Herbs in the Treatment of Mouth  Ulcers 

1. Banyan (Ficus religiosa)

A decoction of the bark of the banyan tree reduces the pain caused by mouth  ulcers .

2. Chebulic Myrobalan (Terminalia chebula)

The chebulic myrobalan is a component of the Triphala choorna, of which the amalaki is also an essential component. Its bark helps in reducing the pain of the  ulcers . It also helps in correcting the constipation problems which causes  ulcers .

3. Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum graecum)

Fenugreek leaves help in the treatment of mouth  ulcers . An infusion of these leaves is used for gargling. Fenugreek is a strong agent on the  ulcers . Hence it is used as a remedy for recurrent  ulcers .

4. Henna (Lawsonium alba)

Henna is a cooling herb. It can provide a soothing effect on the  ulcers . It is used with water for gargling.

5. Indian Gooseberry (Emblica officinalis)

The Indian gooseberry or amalaki has a dual effect on  ulcers . Used as a gargling solution, it can relax the pain of the  ulcers . Secondly it can deal with constipation, which is generally one of the important factors causing  ulcers  in the mouth.

6. Kattha (Acacia catechu)

Kattha is an extract of the Acacia catechu plant, known commonly in the west as the catechu plant. This has astringent properties. It has a special place in Ayurvedic medicine in oral treatment. It is used in many forms for the treatment of  ulcers .

7. Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra)

Licorice is used for several oral and dental problems. It is a component of several toothpaste brands. Its stem and leaves cleanse the mouth effectively. Apart from controlling the sores, it can refresh the mouth and cleanse the teeth.

8. Turmeric (Curcuma longa)

Turmeric is also a cooling agent. It helps in relieving mouth  ulcers . It is mixed in water and the suspension is used for gargling.

(2) Dietary Treatments for Mouth  Ulcers 

Digestive problems are the leading causes for mouth  ulcers . If an oral  ulcer  occurs suddenly, then it could be due to excessive heat generated in the body due to consuming hot food.

1. When  ulcers  occur in the mouth, hot and spicy food must be stopped immediately. These will aggravate the pains of the  ulcers . Caffeine and tea must also be stopped.

2. Consuming more greens in the diet helps to be ever-protected from  ulcers . Greens also provide the necessary fiber for the movement of bowels. This prevents constipation.

3. It is advisable to stop fatty food – especially that which contains oils – till the time the  ulcers  have healed.

4. Papaya is a very good fruit to be consumed when you have mouth  ulcers . It soothes the mouth  ulcers  and helps in their quick recovery. Yam is also beneficial for mouth  ulcer  problems.

(3) Ayurvedic Treatments for Mouth  Ulcers 

Ayurveda prescribes the Irimedadi tailam for local application over the mouth  ulcers . It gives relief from the pains and assists in speedy recovery. Instead of Irimedadi tailam, camphor powder can also be applied on the  ulcers .

(4) Home Remedies for Mouth  Ulcers 

1. Grind the leaves of the Indian plum (jambula). Exude their paste in water and gargle with this water. It will give immediate relief from the pains of the mouth  ulcers .

2. Gargling with the water of the adulsa (Justicia adhadota) also brings about an immediate relief from the mouth  ulcer  pains.

3. Mix the peel of a lemon with white catechu. Grind them into a very fine paste. Apply this directly on the  ulcer . The  ulcer  will get treated almost immediately.

4. Take two to three leaves of the guava tree and some catechu. Chomp them together. This will cure even the most persistent of  ulcers  within a few days.

5. Mix some catechu in water till it gets a pasty consistency. Apply this paste on the  ulcers .

6. Mix a ripe banana in curds that have been prepared from cow’s milk. Eat this as a dessert.

It will bring about a permanent solution to the oral  ulcer  problems.