Alopecia Causes People to Treat Us Differently

The match of people with alopecia is not something to be taken lightly. They are having real problems with their hair condition. Bald spots seem to come and go for them, and may even cause them to go completely bald today. The troubles they have with their hair, their confidence issues and financial concerns for treatments are more than enough for them to handle at present. They do not need onlookers to add to their concerns. It's a wonder then why their alopecia causes the majority who have hairs to treat them rather rudely.

Maybe people are just born curious, but curiosity is different from rudeness. Little children may ask the why question to almost anything because they want to know and they are allowed to do it, even encouraged to do so. But as adults, people have developed the maturity to know when to ask, how to go about it nicely and when to keep their mouths shut. And they also also developed the talent of knowing when to glance, when to stare, and when to look away.

Education is the best tool to cope with curiosity and to stop appearing rude. When people know what it is, they do not ask anymore because they know and they understand it. When people understand something, they know how to deal with it. So they simply go about their daily activities, and when they encounter bald people on the street or in their workplace or at the party, they can simply be different to it. It's just accepting people as they are.

By knowing about alopecia, people gain understanding. Alopecia is a condition wherein people who are suffering from it tend to lose their hairs on one or more spots of their scalp, or lose all of them including the eyebrows and everything that grow from hair follicles. Its causes include hormonal influences, immune system dysfunction, other systemic problems, and all are mostly related to the genetic make-up of the individual.

Alopecia causes no pain to most and they do not need pity from anyone. It is not contagious. They are healthy individuals just with their hair problems. It is not like diabetes or hypertension, where though these diseases are not seen, they have more serious complications. Alopecia on the other hand, still allows those who have it to enjoy any activity they choose, with no food restrictions or drugs to maintain.

Many people with alopecia have accepted their fate. They go out, make friends, raise families, pursue hobbies, and enjoy their careers. They're just like everyone. They should be really really, for coming out of their shells and living their lives the best they can. Their stories somehow make one proud to know them, for the courage they have, their resolve to rise above their baldness. They could teach everyone a thing or two about life and humility and hope.

Instead of them being down for life, alopecia causes them to be more understanding of the world around them, often offering help and support to those who have alopecia like themselves.