Alopecia Can Cause Depression and Anxiety For Some Patients


Everyone experiences hair loss daily. While combing or brushing the hair, there are always a number of hairs that get plucked from their roots. Fortunately it's not enough to cause distress because the loss is minimal. However, it is different for patients who are suffering from Alopecia. Alopecia causes some to have bald spots on their scalp and others ever lose all hairs on their body which places them in a very stressful situation.

Some people who suffer from Alopecia may develop anxiety and or depression. Many of those who experience Alopecia for the first time are the ones most affected by all its implications. Some feel shy about having Alopecia making it difficult for them to make friends. Some reason to mingle with people, becoming angry and agitated when in the crowd, for fear of their hair situation being aware and being talked about. Others simply refuse to see people at all. While this is a normal reaction at first, theability of some people with Alopecia to come out of their shell, the worse it becomes for them. Their social, emotional and mental status deteriorates as well as their physical appearance. The good news is that there is hope for them.

Finding the "cure" for Alopecia has caused many of us to read and try every manual, website, hair product out there not to mention the many doctor consultations. Some of us have tried hair enhancement products and it has worked for us. Some prefer to wear wigs. A well made, well fitted wig can help us get our confidence back and let us live our regular life. Hair transplants have also been successful for those who can afford it.

The problem with Alopecia is that for many who have it, have it for life. Some people experienced a bald spot and then hair would simply grow back even without treatment and never have it happen again. But for some, their hair grows back again, sometimes for years posing no problems. Then something changes and we find ourselves becoming bald again sometimes to the extent of losing all of the hair or sometimes leaving just a few strands in their scalp.

Those of us with Alopecia have different ways in dealing with it. There are people who refuse to call it a disease because for them they do not feel any pain from it. There are those who accepted the fact that they would go hairless or bald for life and then simply lived with it. They go about their daily activities studying, working, going to the halls, theaters, parties or just anything people do, never minding the looks and whispers and even the outright rudeness of some people who discriminate against them. Some even feel lucky and happy and are successful in their pursuit of their relevant careers.

Anxiety and depression cause other people with Alopecia to remain in their shells and some even to go out. Their Alopecia causes them to live a secluded life. But they have to know that many others like us are able to live up to the challenges of the condition. Forums and support groups are available for us all the time. They just have to know that they are not alone in this struggle and that there is help.