Alopecia Barbae – Even With Alopecia Treatments – Still Hurts a Mans Ego

Hair loss is an abnormal condition that happens in a person's body and is scientifically named Alopecia. Among all the types of hair loss, Alopecia Areata is something that is really undesirable in appearance and the person having this may actually look like there is something irregular going on with him. It appears really obvious with all the round patches of hair missing on a person's head and body.

While hair thinning and shedding could happen to both men and women, there is one particular sub-type of Alopecia Areata that occurs only to men and it is known through its scientific term as Alopecia Barbae or the loss of hair on the bearded regions on a man's face. Carrying in itself the characteristics of Alopecia Areata, this kind also emerges with small, rounded patches and it naturally leads its victims to find any kind of Alopecia treatment in order to eliminate self pity, psychosocial problems, and annoyance from their lives.

Alopecia Barbae, as well as the other types of Alopecia, exist because of the malfunctions that occur in one's immune system. This is the system which has an innate ability to fight the antagonists inside a person's body. And there comes a time when it could actually become confused on the appearance and the role of the hair follicles inside the head. When it suddenly starts to think that these follicles are invaders of the body, the immune system will naturally start attacking them causing them to break down as well, then seriously stopping hair growth.

There is actually nothing wrong inside the body when this attack happens that is why even those healthy people could become victims of Alopecia. The immune system is a complex area and taking medications or any other forms of Alopecia treatment has nothing to do with curing the malfunctions that has happened in it. The good thing about this is that it never really kills the hair follicles when doing its injuries on them that is why over a period of time or over some number of years these follicles could possibly regain strength and could then carry on their tasks causing another cycle and hope of hair re-growth over the Alopecia's affected areas.

A lot of men who are suffering from Alopecia Barbae are also suffering from some hurtful psychological and social impacts that this kind of abnormal hair-loss had brought into their almost healthy lives. They do not usually seek for physical medications and alopecia treatment but they are continuously looking for a way to reduce the condition's effects on their damaged emotions and social confidence. When someone loses his hair on his face leaving him with undesirable round patches of absent hairs, there will always be a hope of getting normal hair growth back into their faces.

But when a person loses not only his hair but also earned small patches of smashed up ego and social happiness because of his abnormal conditions, then that is something that might take time and a lot of years to regain. Losing hair is one thing that associates Alopecia and losing oneself is another side that comes with it.