Aloe Vera Now Available As First Aid Cream for Burns


True Aloe is Aloe Vera and it is also called medicinal aloe, and it has been proven to be very effective for healing, especially for the healing of the skin for first to second degree burns. Aloe Vera is a short-stemmed succulent plant and grows to about 20 to 40 inches tall and develops in areas that lack moisture. It is a vascular plant with a fungus at its roots. This is helpful to the plant for the fungus allows the succulent plant to have better access to the mineral nutrients in soil. Research has proven that the succulent plant is a great natural remedy especially for skin burns. This plant is really a gift from God. Evidence has proven that Aloe Vera extracts (the gel from the leaves of the plant) have been useful for the treatment of burn healing, minor infections in the skin, diabetes, and increased blood fats in humans. It also can reduce the swelling, inflammation and redness having to do with acne. It is an amazing plant as it is still being studied for it's purposes. Some researchers in the homeopathic field have claimed that it also has been very beneficial for cancer patients.

Since the extracts of the succulent plant are so beneficial for the skin (the largest organ of the human body) it is understandable why it's benefits are continuously being discovered. Some scientists have been skeptical of the results from Aloe Vera since tests and studies from some basic research have found that it has slowed the healing of certain wounds, however other research has shown that wounds have healed quicker with Aloe Vera. Therefore, some were led to believe that results were limited or inconclusive, however, more recent studies now have many scientific researchers persuaded through conclusive evidence that Aloe Vera has been very effective for aid in the healing of first to second degree burns. The medical science field is slowly but certainly understanding the greatness of this succulent plant. Available now is a First Aid Burn Cream with Aloe Vera. It provides temporary pain relief for minor burns and helps protect against harmful bacteria. They come in a case of 100 packs and they are excellent for hospitals, nursing homes, schools, the car, the house or just about anywhere. They are convenient and compact so you can even just take a few with you to place in your wallet, pocket, bag or purse.