Aloe Vera – An Alternative to the Flu Shot

Elderly folks and ones whose immune system is not up to par may quite easily succumb to a virus. The children have underdeveloped immune system and may not easily ward off the sniffles.

Many people catch colds which are mistaken for the flu. With a common cold, symptoms include a stuffy nose, sneezing, sore throat and mild chest discomfort. With the flu, fever is present for several days, headache, aches and pains, fatigue and weakness. Unless the immune system is strong, the flu can really lay you low.

Many peoples immune system is drained as well as the threat of a virus being spread by troops who have served overseas. Any particular viral strain can overwhelm the body´s natural defenses.

Vaccines do have their side effects and with that, complications. Considering a natural approach in combating the flu is the first line of defense. Your immune system has to be in tip top shape; that determines whether you will get the flu or not. What can you do to help improve your chances of not getting the flu?

  • Walking in the open air for at least 30 minutes three times a week
  • Going to bed early and get quality sleep
  • Eat fresh veggies and fruits
  • Take aloe vera and a good quality vitamin C

It really doesn´t take that much effort to optimize your immune system. Staying with a healthy approach requires effort but is well worth the attempt when the flu comes into your neighborhood. Aloe vera taken as a supplement heals the body from the inside out, allowing your immune system optimum working power so that it is able to tackle the cold and flu virus with relative ease.