Aloe – The Healing Qualities of the Herb Revealed

Aloe is usually referred to as a home doctor. It possesses a great variety of healing qualities. The article deals with various ways the herb can be of help when dealing with health problems.

  1. Infuse aloe (2 parts) with vodka (5 parts) and fill a bottle with the tincture. Cover the bottle up and leave the tincture to brew till the moment aloe has dissolved and settled. Afterwards, decant the decoction and fill clean bottle with the liquid. Cover the bottle up and keep it in a dry place. Mix 10-12 drops of the tincture with a glass of water or tea and drink it before meal. It is a great remedy to deal with upset stomach and low gastric acid.
  2. Aloe powder is a great remedy to fight constipation.
  3. Dissolve a teaspoon of peeled fresh aloe in a glass of warm, clear water. Use the solution to wash inflamed eyes and red, swollen eyelids 3-4 times a day.
  4. You can use aloe juice to treat trophic ulcer, burns and skin diseases. Simply smear the affected skin areas with the juice. If you wish to make aloe juice by yourself, you should cut off the pulpy leaves and wash them under running water. Afterwards, wrap the leaves in a dark paper or cloth and leave them for 2 days in a cold place. Avoid freezing the leaves. Remember to scald the equipment before juicing. Cut the leaves lengthwise and grate them. Fill the juice in sterilized jar and cover it up. The fresher the juice, the more effective the treatment.
  5. Mix aloe juice with water and use the mix as a rinse in case of cervical erosion and bronchial asthma. It is due to the fact that aloe enhances the ability of organism to fight against infections.
  6. Aloe juice facilitates hair growth and makes them healthier. You can simply smear your head with the juice or make hair mask. In order to make the mask mix aloe juice (3 parts) with honey (1 part) and apply it to your hair. After 20-30 minutes rinse the hair with warm water.
  7. Eat a piece of aloe leaf twice a day 20 minutes before meal. It is going to improve the overall condition of your organism and fight a host of diseases. The procedure should be repeated for at least 3 months.

You should avoid using aloe tea or drink made of aloe and milk or honey, especially when healing children, pregnant women and people suffering from gallbladder diseases. You should remember that aloe increases the secretion of gastric acid.