Allurex – A Personal Review


Most sexually enhancing supplements on the market today are mainly targeted towards the male market. Allurex is a male enhancement pill that can also be used by women to increase their sex life as well. Some of the benefits seen from taking this product are increasing sex drive, increasing overall sensation during sex, and making orgasms more enjoyable and intense in both men and women. The formula that makes up this sexual enhancement uses common ingredients in order to not only be natural, but in hopes to be effective as well.

The exact ingredients used in Allurex are Maca, Long Jack Root, Evodia, Catuaba, Huanarpo Macho, and Chuchuasi. Many of these ingredients have been used in other pills as well, so they are nothing new to the market. They remain to be a blend of natural energy boosters and aphrodisiacs. This formula could benefit from the additions of much more potent ingredients such as Epimedium and Yohimbe. Even though some ingredients in Allurex are not considered to be leading aphrodisiacs to use, they are completely safe. Consumers have reported no side effects, and this product can also be conveniently bought without a prescription.

There are a couple different ways that this product can work for a man or a woman. In women, the aphrodisiacs will work to increase their sex drive, and will work to increase energy. Other benefits women may find is that they will have more feeling in their vaginal area, as well as their orgasms can increase in intensity. For men, they can expect a similar sex drive boost as women. Men will also find the energy boost from this product can help them to last longer during sex. Men's orgasms can increase a great deal, and the down time between orgasms can shorten from taking Allurex. The pill is designed to help men and women out shortly before sex, so either party should take it when they expect to have sex within an hour.

Completely natural products such as Allurex work different for whoever takes it because people's bodies react differently to the ingredients. The reason only natural ingredients are used is because they are safe for any consumer to take them. Some might find that because this product is made for both men and women that it will not be significant at solving erectile dysfunction and impotency issues in men. Women like products that can be used by both them and their partner so that their sex is completely changed and enhanced, and not just the male partner benefitting from sexual enhancement supplements.