Allergy Skin Rash and Foods – Children Rash Symptoms


The recent study by the Center for Disease Control highlights that there is an eighteen percent increase in food allergies for kids. Symptoms can be stomach upsets, allergy skin rash, breathing problems and headaches.

Some say that people are more conscious of what a food allergy is today and in the past it may have been that people thought their kids had colds or respiratory issues instead of allergic reactions. Nonetheless, three million kids in the US are said to have food allergies. In other studies, the largest offenders are dairy, peanut-based products and eggs. Peanut allergies can also cause severe reaction called anaphylaxis. When this happens the person will have their airways swell, reduced blood pressure and a severe reaction.

Children rash symptoms to foods can take the form of eczema, hives and redness around the mouth area. Kids can be very self-conscious about having a skin rash so help them to feel comfortable by using anti = itch creams and ointments to help the inflammation. Skin prick tests as well as patch tests by an allergist can help narrow down the allergic reactions.An allergist may also have you blood work to check out the IGM and IGE which are immunoglobulin antibodies.

In addition to the above foods, be aware of food dyes and if they are possible causes for your child's skin rash. Find out what he or she may be eating at school as kids pass candies around and often peanuts are hidden in protein bars and other common snack foods. If your child has an allergy skin rash to foods, urge him to not scratch it and use anti-itch creams as impetigo or other infections are common complications of children rash problems which make the healing as well as diagnose more difficult.