Allergy – Honey Can Cure Your Pollen Allergies For Good!

Every year, new allergy medicines are on the market with more hour relief for allergy symptoms. Of course, they will give you stronger side effects.

Moreover, all over-the-counter and prescription medicines for allergies are for masking symptoms only without addressing the root cause, so you need them every season. I heard a friend said his best season is winter, because only in winter he can be pollen allergies free. During other seasons of every year, allergy medicines make his life miserable.

I heard a remedy to cure pollen allergies.

1. Get a bottle of local honey from farmer market or local stores (not from supermarket).

2. Chop a whole lemon to small pieces and mix the lemon pieces into the honey. And then keep the lemon honey in refrigerate for a week.

3. Eat 1 or 3 spoons of honey with lemon pieces every morning on an empty stomach for several months. Do it for several seasons.

Remember that only local honey works, since only local honey contains local pollens, which make you allergy. Supermarket honey is harvested from honey farms, where only one kind of flowers is planted to feed bees.

A friend of mine tried it and it worked for him. Also, I posted this remedy in another site. A lady commented that she used it about 20 years ago, and she has enjoyed pollen allergies free for many-many-many years. She had miserable pollen allergies twice a year before. She said it worked her.

Scientifically, I think it makes sense. Since doctors use allergy shots to treat severe pollen allergy, the shots only contain tiny quantities of pollens. With slowly exposure to pollens over time, your body will get used to them and stop reacting with allergy symptoms.

Local honey contains local pollens. And the lemon changes the honey to acid, for unknown reason, which enhances the curing power of local honey.

Now matter what the principle is, it has no side effects, it is easy to do it and it is a cure for pollen allergies.