Allergy Drops – Another Treatment Option For Allergies

Allergies can interfere with even the most commonplace of daily events; for those who suffer from allergies, even leaving their house during certain times of year can prove nearly impossible. For sufferers, finding effective, long-lasting allergy relief can mean a significant difference in their life. And while many have found great success with oral medications and allergy shots, there is an alternative treatment option that comes with its own benefits – allergy drops.

Allergies are the result of the body’s immune system malfunctioning. When the body is introduced to something that it considers a threat, it reacts accordingly in an effort to rid the body of the toxin. With allergies, the immune system reacts to otherwise benign substances as if they are a threat – pollen, cat dander, nuts, or any other number of elements. To fight what it considers to be trespassers, the immune system releases the chemical histamine that results in the common symptoms of allergies – runny nose, congestion, coughing, wheezing, watery and itchy eyes, etc. In many cases, avoiding the allergy trigger or combating the symptoms with over-the-counter or prescription medication can make a world of difference for the allergy sufferer. But for those who suffer more intense symptoms or are exposed to their allergens on a daily basis, allergy shots have been the effective treatment of choice. But research has shown that allergy drops can be just as effective – and far more convenient – than allergy shots.

Allergy shots are often given once a week and must be injected in a doctor’s office. Further, there is time associated with this visit as the patient is often injected with extremely diluted allergens. The patient must then wait – often at least thirty minutes – before being able to leave the doctor’s office as the doctor must first ensure that the patient is not having any negative reactions. This inconvenience of visiting the doctor – and the discomfort of the injection itself – often causes patients to shy away from pursuing the treatment.

With allergy drops there are no painful injections – simply a drop put under the tongue. This procedure is something that the patient can do themselves at home; doctor visits are reduced to just a few times a year in order for the doctor to follow the progress of the patient. For children who suffer from allergies, the allergy drops can be enormously beneficial allowing them to receive the necessary treatment without having to get a shot once a week.

Allergy drops are but one alternative to the management of allergies on an ongoing basis. For allergy sufferers, they can make a world of difference in keeping symptoms at bay and maximizing comfort levels.