Allergy Asthma, What Can You Do?

30% to 35% of all North Americans have allergy asthma. These numbers have increased significantly in the past 20 years. As a result both the sufferer and the sufferers’ family have seen a reduction in both quality of life and productivity. The impact can be devastating and even life threatening.

The allergy asthma population is on the rise yet research is on the decline. That doesn’t make a lot of sense. If you suffer from allergy asthma depending on the level of severity you can try to make improvements on your own or you may have to seek medical assistance.

There are several natural medicines that have shown excellent results for allergy asthma that is considered mild to moderate. Anyone dealing with severe problems needs to consult their doctor. Sometimes changes in lifestyle such as what you are exposing yourself to can help. Other times boosting the immune system or reprogramming it will make all the difference in the world.

Allergy asthma is one of the fastest growing allergies and asthma is becoming the fastest growing hospital admission in children and it is killing hundreds every year.

Allergies in general are growing with 2-5% of children and 10% of adults developing food allergies with many able to resolve themselves with dietary changes and often the use of herbal supplements. A small percentage will be dealing with more life threatening factors that must be addressed immediately. And many dealing with allergy asthma will need to work with their doctors.

Hay fever now affects about 25% of the population and it often leads to sinusitis and although it is often trivialized it is like allergy asthma seriously impairing a person’s ability to function.

Many of you might not realize the eczema can be a result of an allergy. In fact 10% of all eczema is allergy related and like allergy asthma you may need the help of your doctor to find the best approach to reducing it. There are many excellent herbal and natural products that can work well to eliminate eczema and reduce symptoms.

Anaphylaxis is the most serious allergy asthma – this is a reaction that can kill so suddenly those surrounding don’t realize what is occurring until it is too late. Anaphylaxis affects around 2% of the population and what happens is when the allergy strike the air ways are restricted and the person cannot breath thus suffocating.

Thankfully we are becoming much better at recognizing allergies in both children and adults. That means those suffering from allergies, and allergy asthma are getting better diagnosis and thus better treatment. In some cases with a little bit of diligence you can do a lot to help yourself using natural and herbal products. In more severe cases you will have to work with your doctor for the best outcome.

If you believe you have allergy asthma it is important to diagnose and find out exactly what is going on treating it before it gets more serious or even life threatening. There are some excellent asthma medications on the market that help you breathe and they have very few side effects.

So don’t delay if you think you have allergy asthma. You want to deal with it before it affects your quality of life.