Allergic Skin Rashes – 4 Varieties Exposed

Allergic reactions can come in many forms. There is the sneezing with the itchy, watery eyes. Someone can have trouble breathing where their asthma is triggered by a substance in the air. There are many different ways someone can suffer from an allergy. Skin rashes are not rare when it comes to allergic reactions. They can come from all sorts of triggers from food to clothing to laundry detergent. Even going for a stroll in the park, you can walk into something that will give you an allergic skin rash. The key is knowing the difference and taking care of the problem as soon as it happens.

There are different types of skin rashes that can occur from allergies.

1. Atopic dermatitis: Another name for this is eczema. This allergic skin rash has certain characteristics such as dry, itchy skin. It can be aggravated by clothing, laundry detergent, soaps or stress. Many times it is found in families that have a history of asthma or hay fever. The first way to treat eczema is through proper skin care. Avoid soaps with scents or creams in them. Avoid certain clothing such as wool that can aggravate it. Use warm water when bathing and avoid body lotions with extra ingredients.

2. Contact dermatitis: This is a skin rash that is caused by coming in contact with a substance that causes a rash on the skin. Another way to get contact dermatitis is by doing that something irritates the skin. Contact dermatitis most commonly happens when a person comes in contact with poison ivy, poison oak or fake jewelry, to name a few, but these are not the only things that can cause it. Contact dermatitis only affects the parts of the skin that were touched. Treatments usually come in the form of topical creams or lotions.

3. Allergic drug rash: Allergic skin rashes can be caused by having a reaction to medicine. People might have an allergic reaction to drugs and a skin rash will break out. Unfortunately, there is no specific way to test that the skin rash is from an allergy to the medicine. The doctor might recommend the patient stop taking the drugs to see the rash’s course of action.

4. Hives: Anyone who has had hives knows this is terrible allergy. It’s a skin rash that can happen on any part of the body. Hives can be caused through other means though and not just an allergy. It can be induced by stress or outside factors. There is no medicine or cream for hives. The itchy, red bumps need to just their course.

Not all skin rashes are allergies. Skin rashes can be caused by other medical conditions. Never self diagnose. Always go to a doctor or a dermatologist to learn the nature of the skin rash. If it does turn out to be an allergic skin rash, visit an allergist and run tests to find out what you are allergic to. This way you can avoid these substances and stop scratching so much.