All You Wanted to Know About Repairing the Dodge Computer


Ever wondered how to get the computer in your car fixed? If you ask around you will find that most people have the same doubt. Most car owners want to know wherever they can get the computer repaired at an independent repair shop or do they have to go back to the dealer.

A car dealership is not often conveniently located so the search for a technician or a repair shop is intensified. In the case of a Dodge vehicle, it is difficult to find a repair shop or an independent technician with the high-tech scan tools such as the Starscan and the DRB III (Diagnostic Readout Box).

The DRB III is an electronic device which is used by Chrysler for its Dodge and Jeep brands to diagnose the vehicle's electronics and read out errors. The third edition of this scan tool was released in January 2011.

Similarly, the Starscan is a diagnostic tool developed by the DaimlerChrysler Corp. It interfaces with the electronic controls in all the DaimlerChrysler Corp vehicles during diagnosis.

So it is important that you locate a technician who has both the training and the equipment to repair your Dodge computer. In some cases, the technician has invested in these tools while working at a company dealership before setting up shop. This means that he or she has had adequate training as well as the equipment.

The next task would be to find such a technician who is most conveniently located near your residence or office. The easiest way to locate one would be to log on to the International Automotive Technician Network (iATN) membership directory to find a technician who has the scan tools to repair your Dodge computer.

Now, the answer to the question whether a car owner should go to a repair shop or to the dealer would depend on his or her financial status. The major would try to save some money, if they can.

The dealerships' unique selling point is that they use factory trained mechanisms and source parts from the company. But this could be an expensive proposition as dealerships normally charge by the 'book rate'.

So if the cost is a major issue, then the independent technician is the answer. On the flip side, although technicians do have the scan tools, they may not have the latest updates from the company. It is best to make use of the dealer's experience for more complicated repairs.

Sometimes, the problem with the Dodge computer could be something as ordinary as a disconnected wire behind the instrument panel. In some cases, if the engine runs and the transmission works, then, the issue could be the connection between the dash and the engine controller.

The check-engine light is another thing to watch out for. It glows when the Dodge computer is alerted of a malfunction; in most cases the emission systems. Check the car to see if the problem can be sorted out at home before you find a technician.