All You Need to Know About Hepatitis C

The most fearsome of all types of hepatitis is the hepatitis C. This disease, hepatitis C has been considered by many specialists to be an epidemic. It is also known as a silent illness, because you can get hepatitis C for many years and not even know that. Studies have also shown that almost a third of chronic hepatits C patients will, at some point, suffer from symptoms that may threaten their lives.

Hepatitis C can be developed by infection with the hepatitis C virus, which at first was related to intravenous drugs or blood transfusions. Many years after the hepatitis C affected people, its extent was know for a fact. That happened when the first blood test for detecting the hepatitis C virus was available. Many studies have shown that in the first years of hepatitis C, more than a third of the patients developed cirrhosis and more than half even liver cancer. Hepatitis C is the main reason for liver transplants in many countries worldwide.

As many as 300 million of the world’ s population suffer from hepatitis C nowadays. In the eastern part of Europe the number of people affected by hepatitis C seems to be more larger than of those that live in the western part of the continent. The hepatitis C virus is responsible for almost a half of cases of cirrhosis that end in the loss of the patient’ s life and more than 70 percent of people suffering from chronic hepatitis. Studies have shown that for one person that has AIDS, there are almost five people infected with the hepatitis C virus.

In the years to come, hepatitis C will become a major health problem. It is estimated that almost 60 percent of patients who will suffer from hepatitis C virus will develop cirrhosis and the rate of deaths because of hepatitis will almost triple its number.

Nowadays, the treatment for hepatitis C is a pegylated interferon thepary. This hepatitis C treatmnent works in almost half of the patients. Natural remedies for hepatitis C exist, but many of them do not work. The hepatitis C natural remedies that are more reliable are those that focus on the protection of your liver and those that try to keep your immune system healthy. However, there does not exist a natural cure of the hepatitis C virus. Many of the natural remedies against hepatitis C virus are just fakes, sold by charlatans. Doctors have shown that if taking natural hepatitis C remedies you might live a long life, but there is absolutely no natural cure for hepatitis C virus.