All You Need to Know About Diabetes Causes


Diabetes is considered as a killer disease if not treated. Symptoms of diabetes are showing signs after the person have suffered health issues. It is a condition of excess glucose that is produced by the body. The pancreas could not able to generate enough insulin that controls the sugar level of the body.

When the insulin levels decrease, sugar levels of the body also increases. This situation can cause several damages to the body and possibly may lead to fatality. Glucose has the important part in the performance for the proper functions of the human body by producing the energy needed for routine activities.

Possible causes of diabetes

Type 1 diabetes – cells that are producing insulin in the pancreas were destroyed that causes insulin deficiency. This happens because the body is aggressive in destroying its own cells within the pancreas known to be the autoimmune reaction.

Autoimmune process falls out during the circulation of the antibodies that can cause beta-cells death. When it is initiated that antibodies causes beta-cells damage, the body's reaction to Type 1 diabetes can be less in severity with the treatment. Trough this, the income is then a lack of the available insulin. While the beginning is said to be unexpected, alterations resulting for the reduced insulin availability will occur over to a longer episode of time.

There are several factors that cause type 1 diabetes and that include infections or diseases, removal of the pancreas by surgery or alcohol consumptions. This type of diabetes occurs with the children because of the genetic reasons, along with the juveniles because of stress or hereditary reasoning. Persons that are suffering from type 1 diabetes were obliged in taking insulin every day for them to survive.

Type 2 diabetes – with this condition, the pancreas produces insulin. However, the cells that are receiving insulin fail to stimulate it and that it is known to be the insulin resistance. In response with this reaction, more insulin had been produced, and the over production weakens the insulin-manufacturing cells of the pancreas.

Diabetes with type 2 commonly affects the adults. The possible causes of this diabetes type include aging, physically inactive and obesity. This condition of diabetes does not depend on the insulin treatment. However, it requires a proper diet, exercises and oral medication, to be able to keep you under the long term control.

Gestational diabetes – is a type of diabetes that usually happens for the period of pregnancy and stops after the child birth. Pregnant mother who has gestational diabetes has lots of insulin into their body, but certain hormones that are produced for the duration of pregnancy blocks the utilization of insulin, in that way, it creates an imbalanced sugar levels.

Juvenile Diabetes – it is a diabetes condition from which the pancreas generates too little or zero insulin in the child. The causes of these juveniles were generally hereditary.

Heredity- it is one of the major causes of diabetes. When both parents are suffering from Type 2 diabetes, it is possible that nearly every child they have will inherit diabetes. When both of the parents have Type 1 diabetes, less than 20% of the children they have will develop the Type 1 diabetes.