All You Need To Know About A Bee's Nest

Bees hide in a bee's nest. You can find about 20,000 different species of bees in the world. They exist in colonies and there are three types of bees in each colony. There are the queen bee, the worker bee and the drone. Only the queen bee can reproduce and both the queen and the worker bee are female whereas all the drones are male. The queen's only job is to lay eggs and the drone's job is to mate with the queen. The worker bee cleans the hive, collects pollen and nectar to feed the colony and they also take care of the offspring.

Bees store the venom in a sac that is attached to their stinger and only the females can sting. That is because the stinger is part of the female bees' reproductive system. A queen bee uses her stinger to lay eggs as well as sting.

A bee's nest consist of a spherical chamber with only a single exit. The queen forms a small mound of pollen paste in the middle of the nest. After making the mound, she lays several eggs in it and seals it with a small dome of wax. She then constructs a hemispherical wax cup, which is called a honey pot in the entrance way floor and fills it with nectar. The queen fills it with nectar so that she can feed on this nectar while she incubates the eggs. Then the newly hatched larvae partially occupy the paste in their cells. Over a period of time the queen feeds the larvae through a small opening in the cell wall. Once the larvae grows completely they spin cocoons in which they metamorphose. Finally they emerge as the first workers of the new colony. Subsequently, larvae are reared by these new workers in individual cells. Note a bumble bee nest is slightly different from a honey bee nest.

The bumble bee nest is not organized into flat vertical combs like that of the honey bees. Its nest grows into a mound of capsule like cells. By the end of summer the queen bee begins to lay unfertilized eggs that develop into drones. Whereas the female offspring produced at this time become new queens and mating takes place soon afterwards. After a period of time the drones and workers die and the new mated queens fly off in search of safe places to build new bees nest and hibernate.