All Weather Motorcycle Jackets

Some bike enthusiasts like to ride whatever the weather, which can make for some unique situations. There are some features that motorcycle jackets come with that make them versatile enough to wear in both hotter and colder weather.

There are the classic style motorcycle jackets that come with a snap down collar, which gives them that classic look. The collar can be unsnapped allowing the jacket to be fully zipped up keeping the rider warmer and drier in cold or rain.

Motorcycle jackets that come with zip out liners and zippered vents are a must for riders who ride in all types of weather. Zip out liners are a welcomed addition in the cold weather, and can be removed for riding on hotter days. Zippered vents when open create cool air that circulates around the rider's body, and when they are closed it creates warmth for the rider in the colder or wetter months.

No matter what the weather, a biker along with the appropriate jacket gets to wear a helmet and leather gloves.

Some of the unique situations that may come up have nothing to do with the weather such as flying rocks or debris, and insects. At highway speeds these can be painful encounters without the protection of leather motorcycle jackets. The one that no one likes to think of happening is when a biker has to lay down his bike. In these cases it is very important to have leather between the road and skin to protect the biker from road rash. Every biker serves to ride safe.