All The Amazing Secrets Behind Acupuncture And Depression


Acupuncture originated in China almost 2000 years ago, and was quickly assimilated by the eastern civilization. However, in the first days in which the acupuncture was just starting to develop, only a few people were allowed and qualified to do this kind of job.

Nowadays, more than 20000 practitioners from the United States alone are allowed to do acupuncture. The National Institutes of Health says that there are more than 2000 acupuncture points on the body connecting with 12 main and 8 secondary pathways called meridians. These are said to conduct energy, chi or qi, between the surface of the body and the internal organs. Qi is responsible for regulating the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical balance of a human. Another explanation, more scientific, states that the needles used in acupuncture determine in a positive way, the muscles and the nervous system, the spinal cord and even the brain.

Acupuncture and depression has been proven to work in many cases, some positive evidence is the fact that acupuncture has been practiced for so long and by so many people. There is even a scientific explanation about acupuncture and depression, and how one can treat the other. Experiments have been carried out by different scientists on different sets of people, mostly woman, who were suffering from depression.

Acupuncture and depression was proven to work in most of the cases tested, delivering very good results in favor of acupuncture and depression. Many subjects mentioned that they were feeling very well after the acupuncture treatment, and proved once again that acupuncture and depression worked for them. Many of them realized that a treatment with acupuncture needles is more efficient and less expensive than a treatment with anti depressives.

If you are thinking of starting an acupuncture and depression treatment, the first thing you should do is ask you doctor for the best practitioners in your area, or you can find more information about other practitioners near you. Sometimes, a trip further away in order to make an acupuncture treatment may be the best choice you can make between all the available modern treatments.

If this is your first session at an acupuncture clinic, do not plan to stop the other current medication you are on, because the new effects will come with time, and not after night. Depression is not the first reason why people go to an acupuncture session, but it's one of the most important reasons among people questioned about this matter.