All on Four Dental Implants: Complete Oral Rehabilitation for All

All on Four dental implants offer the comprehensive oral rehabilitation solution to patients suffering from tooth loss and who are looking at a future of edentulism (not having any teeth). This ingenious tooth replacement technique was designed by European Implantologist Dr. Paulo Malo and essentially enables dental implantologist to replace a patient’s entire mouth of missing or failing teeth using only four prosthetic implants (hence the name of the technique) and a fixed (non-removable) and fully customized prosthetic dental bridge. While the All on Four teeth implants procedure may sound incredibly simplistic, the advantages it has over traditional tooth replacement and implant techniques has awarded it with ‘breakthrough’ status in the medical fields of dental implantology and oral rehabilitation!

All on Four Dental Implants: Battling Periodontal Disease

In spite of our incredibly advanced technology, medical treatments and the widespread availability and variety of oral hygiene products, more than 26% of Americans will enter into their late adulthood without any of their original adult teeth. This is according to statistics released by the Center for Disease Control, who also claims that approximately 100 million people in the United States are missing between 11 and 15 of their permanent teeth and will eventually require complete oral rehabilitation by the age of 65! So, what is the culprit behind this pervasive problem of tooth loss and the millions of candidates for All on Four dental implants?

Periodontal disease is characterized by a chronic and acute bacterial infection of the soft tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth, in other words, your gums. Poor lifelong oral hygiene, smoking, excessive drinking, drug abuse, serious illness (cancer, HIV/AIDS, diabetes) and even genetics can cause you to become especially vulnerable to periodontal disease. So pervasive is this oral affliction that an estimated 80% of Americans suffer from some form and stage of it! The problem with periodontal disease is that its symptoms can be as innocuous as mild inflammation of the gums with no pain or discomfort. It is for this reason that patients seldom seek treatment from an oral surgeon; however, if left alone, periodontal disease can become acute and result in bone loss in the jaw, tooth decay, gum deterioration and tooth loss!

The Great Paradox Entirely Avoided by All on Four Dental Implants

It is here that a great paradox emerges: The people who suffer from advanced periodontal disease and tooth loss are the ones who most need to receive teeth implants! However, the loss of bone tissue due to bacterial infection means that their jaws just won’t be able to support advanced implants using traditional techniques. This is where the incredible advantages of the All on Four implants step in. Patients who have previously been told that they are not teeth implant candidates are often able to receive a complete set of beautiful new teeth in as little as a single dental appointment! The All on Four implant technique has revolutionized the field of implantology and it is making complete oral rehabilitation possible to people of all ages and stages of periodontal disease and tooth loss!