All Natural Erectile Dysfunction Cure

There is no such a disease that has a hard impact on mans life then erectile dysfunction. Your whole world collapses when you discover that you are not enough of a man anymore. To make it worse, men of all ages across the board are affected with erectile dysfunction. Sometimes, ED is experienced as early as late 20s. The men the most affected with this disorder are in their 30s and 40s. Being sexually dysfunctional after the age of 50 is considered by many to be a normal thing. But then on the other hand, why worry when erectile dysfunction can easily be fixed with a magic blue pill. Can it really?

To answer that, lets look at some facts, then you can decide for yourself if the blue pill really is what it says it is, or it's just another Big Pharma deception skillfully imposed on mankind.

For the proper erection it is important to have good circulation and healthy nervous system, for the brain upon arousal to send the message for the body to start creating the erection.

When arousal commences, arterial muscle tissue in the lining relaxes, which increases the blood influx with blood that is high in oxygen.

Veins elasticity is needed for penis to sustain the erection, because veins constrict to prevent blood from leaving the cavernous cells.

The erection creating impulse sent from the brain then passes through erection nervs (cavernous nerves) located right at the bottom of the prostate gland, and into the penis.

Hooray, the erection!

However this story in real life situation usually does not finish with a happy ending but rather in a shameful failure. Obviously, a million dollar question is, what is the cause of erectile dysfunction?

Western medicine says that there are several causes of erectile dysfunction. They list as most common disorders, high blood pressure, cholesterol and enlarged prostate. To overcome all these conditions, and to achieve infection never the less, they suggest using drugs for erectile dysfunction, like Viagra, Levitra, Cialis etc.

Interestingly enough, very few want to know why these disorders happened to begin with. It seems that people are forgetting the simple fact that, to learn how to cure we must learn why it is there in the first place. So what is the cause of all these conditions, and then, what is the cause of erectile dysfunction?

The cause of any disease, dysfunction or condition is acidic body. Acidic body occurs when our lymphatic fluids become acidic because of the junk food or poor quality food we choose to eat.

Lets now take a look at each of these so called causes of erectile dysfunction and dismantle them one by one.

High blood pressure is nothing other then, our body trying to compensate for the lack of oxygen which happens when our diet is short on alkaline minerals. Shortage of alkaline minerals equals acidic body.

Cholesterol comes about because of the same reason, acidic body. Our body protects our blood vessels from the acidic lymphatic fluids so they would not burn, or even worse dissolve, by creating cholesterol as a protective layer. Here again the acidity is the cause.

Enlarged prostate is, like the conditions mentioned, noting other then a result of acidic body. Prostate becomes enlarged, inflamed or burned if you will by acidic lymphatic fluids. The erection nerves at the bottom of the prostate get stretched and rigid because of the same reason and they loose the ability to conduct the brain signal which is necessary to sustain the section.

Now when we answered the million dollar question, what is the real cause of erectile dysfunction, lets answer another one, what to do to prevent erectile dysfunction or if you have one, how to cure it.

We must learn to eat an alkaline diet that is going to be rich in all alkaline minerals. These alkaline minerals, and only these alkaline minerals have the potential of neutralizing the body acids. Our pH of both saliva and urine has to be above 7.2 to permanently cure erectile dysfunction.

You should always look to supply your body with alkaline minerals through the natural foods in your diet. Alkaline minerals in natural foods are in ionic state and they are easily absorbed by the body. Rock minerals bought at your local pharmacy are nothing other then a waist of money, because these can hardly be absorbed by the body, if any at all.

Two foods that are your very best source of all alkaline minerals are black strap molasses and kelp. No other foods known to mankind can match the amount of alkaline minerals found in black strap molasses and kelp (especially ascophyllum Nodosum).

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For the rest of the folks who still believe in the magic power of the blue Viagra pill I suggest you look up what the ingredients are. To help you out a bit, all three, nitrates, titanium and aluminum are highly harmful and life threatening toxins. While you're at it, check also if it says anything about, if it contained oxygen or alkaline minerals, because last time I did, there was not any.

Alkalize or die early death.