All About Night Sweating

As the name suggests night sweat is nothing but sweating heavily in the night which may be either due to excessive layer of clothing in your bed and body or due to hormonal changes occurring in the body. The former one is quite usual and normal because wearing excessive clothing or a high room temperature can cause you to sweat however the latter one is something that is unusual and doctors refer this as severe hot flashes. This problem can occur to anyone who is under stress or can be due to the side effects of a medicine you took. One big reason for its occurrence is the hot flashes received during menopause. Apart from this receiving, this problem might be symptoms of other disorders like cancers and major infections like   tuberculosis , osteomyelitis and HIV.

Normally night sweating is characterized by heavy sweating in the night which might even force you to change your clothes in the night itself. Night sweats become a cause of concern if you experience them regularly or if you experience them with fever. In such a case you need to consult a physician immediately who will help you combat the problem. A physician should begin by knowing the medical history of the patient and then advise the patient to undergo certain tests like blood test, CT scan, X-ray etc depending on the requirement. Depending on the cause of the problem, there are different remedies. For instance, it is caused due to side effects of medicines can be done off with if the medicine is discontinued or changed. Similarly night sweating due to menopause can be cured by undergoing the estrogen and progesterone therapy.

Intake of antidepressant medicines causes this problem a lot. It has been noticed that about 20-30% people taking antidepressants often suffer from night sweats. Common medicines like aspirin and acetaminophen which help in lowering fever also cause night sweating. Hypoglycemia may also be accompanied by night sweating for diabetic patients. Neurological and hormonal changes can also cause night sweating in individuals. Now that we know the reasons as to why the problem occurs, we must also focus on certain ways of getting rid of them. Firstly one should try to control his/her diet and avoid intake of alcohol, spicy foods and caffeine in any form. Maintaining a cool temperature will help you get away from this problem, for this installing an AC in the room is very necessary.

Another way to tackle this problem is by intake of honey with apple vinegar. Though this might be a natural treatment process but it is really effective on patients. During night and sweats, people are advised to wear loose cotton clothes because they make you feel comfortable and easy. Besides this have lots of water along with ice to give you a cooling effect. Natural treatments like these certainly help you in curing yourself against night sweating because these do not have any side effects unlike the medicinal treatment.