Alkaline Foods List – Discovering Alkaline-Rich Sources

Anthony Robbins, a popular health guru and book author was the one who first introduced the alkaline foods list to the public. He based this list on his alkaline-acid diet program which promotes a safer and more effective method of dieting. Although the alkaline-acid diet system was created to help overweight people lose excess pounds, there’s clearly more that the program has to offer.

Apart from helping people reach their ideal body shape, alkaline dieting also teaches about correct eating habits and lifestyle. Choosing high alkaline foods is just one of the steps towards good health. Practicing an exercise routine and keeping away from vices like smoking and drinking are the other essentials of the program.

If you will study the alkaline foods list, you’ll notice that the list contains alkaline-rich sources from various food groups. You may notice that the chart is divided into categories – fruits, vegetables, grains, protein sources, spices and beverages. With each category, there are several varieties of highly alkaline foods that you can choose from.

Hence, the alkaline diet program can be considered as a flexible means of dieting. You are not encouraged to stick with just one type of meal or nutrient. On the contrary, you are encouraged to fill your body with all the nutrients you need from a wide range of food choices. It’s obviously not a boring diet to begin with. As long as you choose to feed your body with alkaline-rich food and beverages, you’re on your way to a healthier body.

Opposite the alkaline-acid chart are food sources that are high in acid content. Of course, we need just the right amount of acid in our system. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we should completely stop eating foods that contain acid. In fact, some fruits and vegetables contain mild to high levels of acid. However, by being aware of the acidity level of what we eat, we can lessen our intake of acidic foods and maintain the ideal pH balance of our system.