Alcoholism Facts – The Unknown, Uncommon Facts

There are many facts about alcoholism which are not known to everyone. Several books and journals on alcoholism and alcohol abuse provide useful information and facts for the individuals and families who have doubts over certain things relating to alcohol abuse. Brief information and facts about alcohol abuse are given below.

Alcohol is thought of an enjoyable supplement in social events, especially by those who prone to drinking. Taking alcohol in moderate quantity (around 2 drinks for men, 1 for women) is not harmful but making it a habit can be very dangerous and may lead to severe alcohol problems, even death at times.

Hard drinking increases the threat of certain cancers like liver, larynx, throat and esophagus and can cause liver cirrhosis, brain damage, problems related to immune system, and can damage a fetus when a women is pregnant. Most of the suicide cases reported involve the person engaged in drinking and a number of accidents are also associated with those who use to drink.


What exactly is alcoholism? Alcoholism is a malady that takes into account four significant features:

* Strong urges to drink alcohol

* Helplessness to limit drinking habit

* Signs of shakiness, stress and nausea in case drinking is stopped after a period of drinking heavily

* Need to drink large quantity of alcohol

However, some alcoholics can recover without seeking help from anyone but most of them need backing and support. Many individuals can put an end to their drinking habits for a better prospective life. It is quite astonishing that some people who drink alcohol are without any problem while some of them suffer heavily. Indeed it is related to genetic construction but not entirely. The surrounding environment, which includes friends, relatives and culture, also play an important role in evaluating the problems.

Alcohol Abuse

After discussing briefly about alcoholism it is important to differentiate between alcohol abuse and alcoholism. Alcohol abuse is a kind of a drinking pattern that leads to any of the given situations:

* Failure to accomplish responsibilities

* Drinking while driving or operating machinery

* Facing legal problems related to alcohol

* Problems in enduring relationship

Treatment Issues

There are certain issues that are considered for judging if one is coping with the problems of drinking as discussed below:

If you ever thought of cutting down on drinking; if you are upset with the critical remarks you have received for your drinking habit; if you yourself felt culpable about your habit or you need a drink to get through your hangover, you are definitely suffering from an alcohol problem. You immediately need the help of a physician who can help you get out of this problem by suggesting best methods.

The seriousness of your alcoholism decides the sort of treatment you will be given. The treatment also depends on the sources available in your society. It may involve detoxification, taking prescribed medicines by your physician, preventing relapse once you stop drinking, or psychotherapy. The support of those who are close to you, friends and family, is also very important. It may also include resources like training, childcare, legal assistance and parenting course.