Alcoholism Disease – Is There a Biological and Physiological Basis to Alcoholism?

During the past generation, a great deal of effort has been placed on examining the alcoholism disease concept. As a result, many researchers have concluded that alcoholism is a disease, that alcoholism disease does indeed have a biological basis. Because of this research, variety of treatment options has been developed to aid people with alcoholism disease. In addition, the stigma that traditionally has associated with alcoholism has retreated to some degree as a result of the determination that there is an alcoholism disease.

In considering the alcoholism disease theory, there are three schools of thought in regard to how alcoholism disease can develop. There are experts who have concluded that there is a biological and genetic foundation to alcoholism disease. These scientists and doctors concluded that alcoholism is inherited and is past down from generation to generation.

Additionally, there is another group of experts who argue that although the alcoholism disease is not genetic, certain individuals do have a greater likelihood to suffer from addictive behaviors, including alcoholism, throughout their lives. These researchers have concluded that there is some sort of biological basis for this propensity in certain people.

Finally, an increasing number of experts concluded that both of these concepts about the alcoholism disease are accurate. For some people, alcoholism does have a genetic element. Meanwhile, for other people, while there might not actually be a direct genetic link to the alcoholism disease, these individuals are biologically susceptible to addiction, including alcoholism.

Because there appears to be good evidence suggesting a biological foundation to alcoholism, an individual suffering from alcoholism really cannot be blamed for actually having the disease. Nonetheless, as with any other chronic disease, an individual with alcoholism disease must try to take steps to control his or her alcoholism disease in order to life a productive and happy life.