Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Treatment

Alcoholic fatty liver disease not unlike other forms of fatty liver is reversible. When the cause of fatty liver is alcohol, it is more likely to develop into cirrhosis and cancer, so it is very important to reverse it and prevent it from haunting you again.

Alcohol damages your liver cells by overloading them with work. When that happens fat accumulates inside them because they can’t handle taking care of both fat and alcohol (fatty liver, or steatosis stage). As more fat accumulates, less damage the liver can endure and cells start to die and be replaced by fibrotic tissue (cirrhosis stage). Fibrotic tissue does not function and leads to chronic liver failure. Damage to the liver also increases the probability of developing cancer.

But even when you already have alcoholic fatty liver disease, treatment is possible. The first step is, of course, reducing alcohol intake or, better yet, remove it completely. Alcohol not only damages your liver directly, but it is causes malabsorption of nutrients essential for liver recovery.

The next step is adjusting your diet. Make sure you eat a balanced diet and, if at all possible, become vegetarian. Meat, fish, eggs, and milk put extra load on the liver, which you want to avoid. On the other hand, fruit, vegetables, grains, and beans are rich in nutrients and poor in calories, providing the nutrients necessary for liver regeneration while keeping calories low to signal the liver to burn the fat inside it.

Finally, one last step is taking supplements. A few herbs have been proven to cause liver regeneration and fight liver cancer, and they have healed people with steatosis, cirrhosis and even liver cancer. The most important of these are milk thistle, and artichoke, but the list is very long. You can either try to take one supplement of each or, better yet, use one of the many combinations available.

Alcoholic fatty liver disease treatment is one of the best steps you can take towards health. It is beneficial for everyone who takes, or took, alcohol, because even moderate amount have been shown to cause some degree of liver damage.