Alcohol Poisoning Symptoms

Alcohol is a depressant especially if you drink large amounts of alcohol. Your liver can no longer metabolize the alcohol take therey making your blood toxic. Typically, alcohol drinkers may consume three to four alcohol drinks an hour. They may even start their day drinking. Because of too much alcohol content in the blood, it becomes toxic theby producing alcohol poisoning symptoms. Your body reacts with the high alcohol level through altering the organ functions or vomiting. Generally, aspiration from vomiting is the most common cause of death among drinkers if not changes in the breathing pattern.

The survival rate of an alcohol drinker clearly depends on how well he can recognize the symptoms. Some people believe that only those heavy drinkers suffer from alcohol poisoning. However, this is not the case for all. An individual who drinks first time may have a different reaction to alcohol. This can also depend on the body type and nutritional status of the drinker.

It is important to keep the signs in mind for you to know if someone is in danger of getting intoxicated. These are:

• Hypothermia. Skin may be cold or clammy if touched and observe the person for a bluish appearance.

• Unconscious. Some thinks that passing out after a long session of drinking is fine. However, this can actually lead into coma and this might mean he could die because of asphyxiation or choking. Try to awaken the person by pinching his skin to know if he can be aroused or not.

• Slow breathing. Check the person's breathing and make sure he has a normal and regular breathing pattern.

• Confusion. Observe for mental instability or stupor since it can be another warning sign.

• Seizure. Safety is the priority for someone who is shaking uncontrollably. This is usually caused by alteration with the reflexes and inoxication with the brain cells. Make sure to offer a safe place and call for help.

These signs can also become signs for alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Make sure that you are knowledgeable enough on each one especially if you are a drinker. A glass of liquor may take away your life so being careful is most important.