Alcohol and Erectile Problems – How to Get Instant Erections

If you love drinking alcohol, I have some bad news for you.

Alcohol and erectile problems go hand in hand. Alcohol can make you impotent and seriously ruin your relationship. In fact, a lot of young guys experience erectile dysfunction due to indulgence in drinking.

The Science

Blood flow to the penis, testosterone levels in your body and the state of your mental well being are some of the most important factors that play a vital role in making you achieve a harder and stiffer erection.

Sexual stimulation results in a complex reaction in your central nervous systems that passes impulses to the blood vessels to increase blood flow to the penis. Your heart begins pumping blood faster so that more blood is allowed into the penile region.

Now, alcohol can disrupt this entire process. While it can help you get over your inhibitions, it can also suppress your central nervous system. This can kill the entire process and your body does not properly signal the blood vessels to supply enough blood to the penis. Not just this, alcohol abuse over time can also result in nerve damage in the penal. This is often irreversible and can make you impotent for life.

There are studies which reveal that this kind of nerve damage can leave you impotent even when you are sober!

But this is not all!

Alcohol also increases the level of estrogen or the female hormone in your body. What it means is that testosterone or the male hormone levels dip. A drop in testosterone not only lowers your libido but also results in impaired erectile function.

So every glass of alcohol that you drink gets you a notch closer to erectile problems and the situation worsens over time.

Another effect of alcohol consumption is that it can increase body fat. This is closely related to an increase in estrogen levels. Estrogen is associated with fat accumulation and water retention in your body. No wonder, men who drink alcohol often have larger bellies and male breasts. Development of male breasts is a condition that is called Gynaecomastia and can be really embarrassing.

Alcohol is also responsible for making you feel depressed. Depression, nervousness and anxiety are some of the most basic psychological reasons behind erectile dysfunction in men. Such factors can make men a complete failure in bed. What makes things worse is that dealing with impotence or erectile dysfunction is not easy for men. It seems to put them under extreme stress which kind of worsens the situation resulting in a spiral like effect.

How to Get Over Alcohol Impotence

First and foremost, it is important to quit drinking. Now, this is not easy but it is not impossible either. If your are determined to enjoy better sex and also improve your overall health, you need to take concrete steps towards this. In such a case, it is important to seek a therapist's consultation.

However, if you are not too much into drinking, you can easily do it yourself by focusing on your goals.

Beside giving up alcohol, it is also important to learn some stress management techniques so that you can get over factors such as depression, stress and anxiety.

Over and above, there are some herbal solutions that can offer great help.

Certain herbs have been used as aphrodisiacs for thousands of years and can boost sexual function in men. Erection oils can be the best form of such herbal remedies specifically in cases when men find it difficult to get erections after having a couple of drinks. These oils are topical applications that get absorbed straight into the bloodstream when rubbed on the penis, result in almost immediate erections by rushing blood to the penis.

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