Alcohol and Drug Detox – Beginning the Road to Recovery

Alcohol and drug detox is the first phase of any rehab treatment for hard-core substance abusers, and it is designed to rid your body of the toxins it has accumulated from chronic alcohol and drug consumption. But alcohol and drug detox has built-in measures to control the severity of any withdrawal symptoms, and is done in a medical setting.

Successful alcohol and drug detox can take anywhere from three to fourteen days, depending on the physical condition of the person being treated. During the course of the detox, the patient may receive medications to reduce their symptoms.

Alcohol And Drug Detox Treatment Phases

There are three phases to an alcohol and drug detox program. During the first phase, the doctor will pay close attention to the patient's symptoms and manage them as needed to maintain his or her comfort.

The second phase of an alcohol and detox program is the physical detoxification phase, during which the patient learns basic nutrition so that its or her system can continue to rid itself of accumulated poisons and rebuild itself with a balanced food plan.

Finally, the patient will undergo emotional detoxification, learning to understand the emotional reasons for his or her dependence on drugs and / or alcohol, and finding ways to keep them from reasserting their control.

Beyond Alcohol And Drug Detox

Alcohol and drug detox center are essential if a substance abuser is to take control of his or her life, but they are simply the first steps in a long process. Detox centers offer the assistance those patients need for pain management, proper nutrition, and regular sleep. But no matter how much they do to repair a person's health, alcohol and drug detox facilities will fail if they do not tackle the psychological aspects of addiction.

Simply completing a two-week alcohol and drug detox program will not undo a lifetime of substance abuse. Accept that your alcohol and drug detox is just the first step on a lifetime journey, which along with counseling, loving support form friends and family, and perhaps medication, will heal you a bit more each day.