Alaris 8000 PC Repair – A Smart Money-Saving Secret


The speedy advancement of medical electronics technology is truly amazing. However, it is mind-boggling how advanced technology can easily be rendered useless by simple and common failures.

Take for instance the Alaris 8000 PC, or Point-of-Care Unit. This Alaris System, which was formerly known as the Medley System, acts as a hub and programming interface for infusion delivery and various monitoring modules. This device can connect to modules such as a large volume IV pumping module (Model 8100) or a light-weight syringe module (Model 8110), which provides safe and accurate dosage deliveries.

Sounds impressive right? It is impressive, yet this “bedside” computer can be rendered useless by a common fault. When the Alaris 8000 LCD panel fails, all that computing power is of no consequence because the caregiver can not safely set up and monitor the patient using the onscreen prompts. It’s like trying to execute an internet banking transaction from your home computer without the use of a monitor. Sure the functionality is there, but you have to be able to see it in order to act.

LCD panels in the Alaris 8000 PC unit can fail naturally through component failures over time, or from physical damage due to dropping or hitting the unit. For a common debilitating failure, such as a faulty LCD, it is smart to have a cost-effective repair option as part of your response plan. I strongly recommend searching for a company that has an exchange program for the Alaris LCD panels. Such a program will provide an option for exchange or an outright new purchase. In either case it is a prudent alternative to costly OEM pricing.