Air Climber Reviews – How Did I Lose 34 Pounds in 7 Weeks With the Air Climber?

You have probably seen the Air Climber exercise equipment on those late night TV commercials. It seems like a great tools to help you lose fat and gain lean and fit body. However, before you buy, read this Air Climber review first to see if it fits your workout and weight loss needs.

How I lost 34 pounds in 7 weeks with the Air Climber

It was after Thanksgiving that I found myself gaining over 15 pounds and I must do something about it. I saw the Air Climber commercial and thought it looked convincing and could be the one that give me an excuse to get up and exercise. My goal is to lose weight by my 35th birthday in February, and maybe look good for the next summer. If you are like me, you hate those gut-wrenching crunches and laying-down-the-floor abs exercises. I was looking for a quick solution to flatten my flabby abs, arms, and legs, while enjoying the process and without the pain in my joints.

At first I was really skeptical about this systems and didn’t really think it would work. Despite the doubts, I bought and suick with it anyways because I had promised myself and didn’t want to disappoint my friends and family. Even though the product sell for over $80, I was fortunate to get the trial for only $15 and I was hooked with the10 inches or 10 pounds in 10 days or money back guarantee offer.

My trick to really make Air Climber really effective

I received the Air Climber is 5 days shipping, but leaving it sat underneath my bed for almost 8 days because I was kinda busy with my work and family issues. However, when I finally decided to jump on it and just give it a real shot, it got addicted to the fun following the DVD. The key is to start right away and stick with the rapid weight loss meal plans included in the package.

After the first week or so, I started to see some changes in my waistline. I was so excited when I lost almost 15 pounds in the first 2 weeks using the system. It gave me more motivation to keep my 20 minutes a day routine workouts in my living room and the meal plans was delicious too. If you are looking to lose serious weight and feel good fitting in those tight sexy jean or bikinis, the Air Climber system could be the one that change your life forever.