AIDS Is a Lethal Disease

AIDS is the abbreviation for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. It is caused by HIV which is Human Immune Deficiency Virus. It is classified under the group of Retroviruses. Discovery of HIV was made in 1985. This was the year which proved that HIV was the actual cause of AIDS. This gruesome and lethal disease is related with the immune system of a person.

Initially it causes malaise and leads to coarse health of a patient. A series of turmoil appear inside the body as the immune system gets affected by HIV. The person becomes insipid after it is diagnosed and has to go through a condition of apathy. This disorder targets lymphatic cell. The virus starts replicating itself in T4. T4 cells are called helper cells. Most of the time people having HIV are termed as carriers. The virus can retain itself in the body fluids only. Transmission of the virus usually occurs by blood or semen.

Let me tell you a fact. About 90% people get this virus by sexual contact, whether it is homosexual or heterosexual activity. There are other causes for its transmission as well that includes drug using activities, blood transfusion in an unhealthy environment, through cuts and open wounds etc. A pregnant woman can also pass this virus to her baby. AIDS result in immune deficiency. Weight loss, fever and flu like illnesses are the earlier symptoms of AIDS. AIDS involve in a cell mediated immune response, hence the term immune deficiency. Opportunistic infections then ensue, that is micro organisms that we normally live with, and which we can easily destroy may cause killer diseases. Cause of death is commonly a rare type of pneumonia, many patients suffer a rare and disfiguring from skin cancer known as Kaposi’s sarcoma. Blood poisoning which is also called septicaemia can become an early sign and symptom of this disease. Dementia is also observed in most of the patients suffering from AIDS.

For curing AIDS there are no successful drugs yet. But some drugs are designed to slow the progression of the disease. Azidothymidine is a drug used for AIDS patient that can attack the virus even in the brain. Viral replication can be inhibited by SUMARIN.

The best prevention regarding AIDS is to educate people using media or other ways. Sterile syringes should be used. Intimate sexual contact should be avoided. Remember prevention is always better than cure!