Afro-American Hair Loss Problem

In 1970s to 1980s, there is a popular hairstyle that known as the afro or big hair style. This came from the fact that black people or the Afro-American populations have tightly curly hair. The hair style extends the hair bigger than the head. In the 20th century, very few people sport that curly hair and Afro-Americans embraced straight hair with much effort.

In consonance with their effort to wear their hair differently, came the problem of Afro-American hair loss. Because of the different growth pattern among African Americans, treatment of hair loss became a little bit difficult.

There is an old notion that Afro-American hair grows slowly than any other race. This is however untrue, Afro-American hair grows in a speed just like any other race. However, because of the tight curls, it seems that it grows slower. Additionally, because of the curly hair strands, nutrients do not flow naturally and this causes damage on the hair shaft. Breakage therefore happens more often.

Hair loss is a major problem for some Afro-American people and this article is meant to help them avoid hair loss that will eventually lead to baldness.

Before we begin, let me remind you that the same causes of hair loss and total baldness in other races also affect Afro-Americans.

Causes of hair loss

o Styling and over processing
o Severe stress
o Thyroid Problems
o Vitamin and nutrient deficiency
o Hereditary
o Drug such as those for the treatment of depression, blood problems and arthritis

Treatment of medical problems such as thyroid and blood problems may reverse hair loss. This is because proper blood circulation will lead to healthy blood coming to the hair follicles. Hair loss may therefore be reversed.

Avoiding stress will likewise help avoid hair loss among Afro-Americans.

Let us move to the first item that causes hair los, styling and over processing.

Afro-American people tend to style move frequent and more varied. Styles like tight braids, weaves, extensions are common among Afro-Americans. Hair processing such as perming, straitening, bleaching and coloring is also commonly done by African Americans. This therefore causes too much stress and chemicals in their hair. Often, it causes hair loss.

Of course, knowing what is damaging to your hair and reversing it may be helpful. However, what if you do not want to stop hair styling and hair processing often?

You may therefore hid some of the following advice or consult you hair professional on his advice how you will go about wearing your hair differently without experiencing severe hair loss.

Tips to avoid Afro-American hair loss

o Wash you hair regularly. This will avoid dirt clogging the hair follicles.

o Use conditioner after you shampoo, this will help avoid frizziness.

o Moisturize your hair, as I am mentioned earlier, natural moisture escapes the hair shaft because of tight curls. It is therefore necessary that you use hair moisturizers regularly.

o Eat a well-balanced diet.

o Use soft brush, it may take longer to fix your hair because of the curls but you need to be patient if you do not want hair loss problems.

Proper care for your health and general well-being will manifest in your hair, styling and processing may be done conscientiously to avoid Afro-American hair loss.

Afro-American hair loss, or any races hair loss for that matter, may be avoided if proper care is provided to the hair and the scalp.