AEG LAVAMAT 74850M and Bosch Axxis WFL 2060

AEG LAVAMAT 74850M washer

AEG has a reputation of designing sharp looking washing machines for her customers. One of the models by AEG is the LAVAMAT 74850M washer.

Built using stainless steel materials, LAVAMAT 74850M washer comes equipped with a top speed of 1,400 rpm (revolution per minute). In terms of its washing performance, most reviewers has given it a A grading. It’s spinning performance is slightly less impressive, coming in a a B grading. This AEG Washing machines has a loading capacity of 6kg, which is an average choice for most family households. It has a well-designed range of washing programs features such as a stain action cycle, which was meant to improve any in-wash stain required.

Another thing that has caught most consumers attention its it’s 64840’s fuzzy logic circuit programme. This washing machine will auto detect any out-balancing of laundry and re-jig it when necessary. This helps to avoid any heavy wear and tear of the laundry which can occur due to drum bearings   dislocation . In addition, LAVAMAT 74850 has an ability to monitor the detergent optimum level and dispense accordingly to the washing load. It can fine tune its water level and adds more rinse if required.

Bosch Axxis WFL 2060 Front Load Washer

There are already several reviews of this popular Bosch front loading washing machines. Carefully designed, this washing machine model has a weight capacity of 13lb. With five options of wash presets like permanent press, delicate, hand washing, soaking and cotton, it provides care for your laundry that requires either hand wash, normal tumbling action to intensive power wash. Washing cycle can takes up to an hour but being a front loading machine, it is more water efficient compared to a top loader. Because of its 220V motor, Bosch Axxis produces high pitch spinning noise each time it is being operated.

The choice between AEG LAVAMAT 74850M washer and Bosch Axxis WFL 2060 can be a tough one. If you plan to put your washing machine in the basement, then Bosch Axxis should be an acceptable choice for your as noise would be less of an issue. The AEG is slightly bigger at a 7kg though and it would be a more wiser choice is you find the Bosch 6kg load limiting.