Advice On Removing Stretch Marks

Thousands of women look for information on how to dissolve stretch marks. They are unappealing, embarrassing, and they affect your self esteem. They develop regularly during pregnancy when the skin expands beyond its normal means and the tears turn into deep white scars in the stomach and lower back. Finding an effective stretch marks treatment is dependent upon boosting the skin’s strength and removing the existing scars. Luckily for you, dissolving stretch marks just got a whole lot simpler with a new all natural ingredient.

Stretch Marks Treatment

It is very difficult to be sad and depressed when you first hold your new bundle of joy but when women gaze at their abdomen and the damage inflicted by pregnancy, they are. Not only have women been living with perpetual urination and back pain, but now they have to deal with the undesirable development of embarrassing stretch marks. Rather than going to the beach with one piece bathing suits the rest of their lives, women look for anything that takes away stretch marks. Unfortunately what they usually find is not always beneficial.

Repair for Stretched Skin

Dermabrasion, laser procedures, and moisturizing creams are the accepted treatments for stretch marks. Each option has a down side and as a whole, none of them truly repair stretch marks.

Dermabrasion is a rather serious surgical procedure that involves local anesthesia and a machine that looks like a belt sander. How does this sound so far? The machine abrades the superficial layers of skin in order to give it a softer appearance. This can remove dying skin, renewing the skin’s look but it is not effective in reduilding tears in the dermis layer of skin. Since stretch marks are buried deep, superficial removal just won’t do the job.

Treatment of Stretch Marks

Many individuals fall prey to improvements in science. Well let me tell you a secret, lasers are not the consummate treatment for stretch marks. People think anything so progressive has to be helpful but you will just end up paying thousands of dollars for an ineffective treatment. In order to fully remove stretch marks, elastin and collagen fibers must be stimulated and flushed into the scar site which lasers do not do.

Moisturizers and cocoa butter temporarily add water but they are not useful in dissolving or preventing stretch marks. The treatment of stretch marks relies heavily on dissolving scar tissue and rejuvenating collagen and elastin components in the skin. Cocoa butter sounds beneficial and pretty but it does not dissolve stretch marks or trigger skin collagen or elastin proliferation.

Natural Methods to Remove Stretch Marks

There is no reason to lose all hope. You no not need to call a dermatologist or schedule a surgical procedure to get rid of stretch marks. You can now boost the natural renewal process of your own skin and exfoliate old, dying cells and scars and let new, flawless ones emerge to give the skin a healthier appearance with an all natural skin care ingredient. It helps naturally repair stretch marks from the inside with no harsh side effects.

When applied to your skin, the unique ingredient will fuse with your own skin cells and:

* gently digest damaged structures and stretch marks within the skin and use the amino acids that the enzymes set free to activate fibroblast stem cells. This is important for increasing skin strength and skin renewal.

* regulate skin fibroblast development and prevent excess collagen formation. This prevents and diminishes abnormal scars such as keloids, hyperthropic scarring, and stretch marks. This same action helps get rid of depressed acne scars.

* arouse the capacity of the skin to stay hydrated by stimulating the biosynthesis of glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans, the molecules that give skin its capacity to keep in water. This helps to solidify the skin resulting in a less stretch marks and tears.