Advanced Prostate Cancer Treatment Options


Prostate cancer is actually a treatable kind of the disease. Many patients diagnosed with this kind of cancer survive their ordeal because of two things: the early detection of the malignant cells in their prostate and the combination of the treatments that are used.

The early detection of prostate cancer is important because it is in the early stages that the malignant cells are still controllable. They are still low in number and the damage they have done is still minimal. Performing surgery and chemotherapy may still guarantee complete elimination of the cells. On the other hand, if the disease is detected on its advanced stage, recovery is slimmer. Hence, there is a need to employ more aggressive treatment options.

There are several advanced prostate cancer treatment options that a patient can use. These treatments may be more like the ones administered to prostate cancer in its early stages. It can consist of surgery, chemotherapy and even radiation treatment.

However, with advancement of the cancer, one treatment is not enough to lessen the increasing number of cancer cells that come with it. There is a need to combine two or more treatments in order fight the cancer cells aggressively and more effectively. This is also to avoid metastasizing of the cancer cells and affecting other surrounding parts.

The treatments available for advanced form of this cancer include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery and hormone therapy. While these treatments all work to eliminate the cells, prevent its spread and are actually treatments alone, advanced prostate cancer treatment options are combination of these methods. The combinations are known to be more aggressive and more effective. For example, the patient can go for surgical removal of the tumor. As maintenance, chemotherapy can be added as treatment in order to ensure that no more cells will be left to inflict further damage.

As another option, alternative treatments are also used in prostate cancer. These are all natural methods such as diet protocols and concoctions known to possess anti-cancer properties.

Of course, before trying out these treatments available, it is best to consult the doctor first. The doctor will provide a thorough evaluation on the condition of the patient as well as the state the patient is already in. He may advise doing extensive procedures or take several medications both for the extermination of the cancerous cells as well as the other symptoms that come with the disease.